Thursday , April 2 2020
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Tesla provides emobly kWh • Germany


Image: Tesla, Inc.

It has long been argued – is now officially: Tesla is waiting for the future of Europe in kWh

Last weekend, Tesla began to convert it to a supercharger in Germany € / min up to € / kWh Since this change, the setting for all Tesla Supercharger in continental Europe only.

In order to pay Tesla drivers traveling with payment for the use in Germany, the average price of 0.40 € / kWh, the Proayasya board, so that the "fee for trash" when charging post longer than necessary blocks are stored.

Since the company announced that the Tesla is the principle of accounting kWh, because it was transparentesten and fair. Customers pay only electricity they receive, regardless of the length of the jewelry. Charging.

Tesla driver can see from the information about their pin-board navigation system, which supercharger already been converted in Germany.

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