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Tesla store customer data (including video) in an unencrypted form


To do this, save the secret information is extracted … Screenshot:

Tesla store customer data (including video) in an unencrypted form

Sensitive data stored in Eletroautos American manufacturer can be accessed by third parties, for example, two hackers demonstrated.

Computers in Tesla cars save, obviously, video, location and navigation data. Collection of information to understand about Unfallhergänge. but there are also data-related smartphones, such as the telephone contacts were detained. This problem is also car rental and car-sharing vehicles.

Against the US American television channel CNBC now has two "white" hackers explained that it was easy to access the information. In the end, not be encrypted.

"White hat" hackers from & # 39 are security professionals who use malicious methods in part to scan the computer and IT systems for vulnerabilities.

Particularly explosive: an electric car manufacturer sells accessories for customers around $ 1,000, so that they can get access to their own data. This is necessary, for example, compensation and insurance claims. but broken electric cars end up in scrap yards – where everyone has access to classified information of the necessary equipment and know-how.

Tesla says

Tesla representative notes that the company already offers a way in which customers can protect their data: when you reset to factory settings. This personal data and personal settings will be deleted.

In addition, there is a «Valet» mode, in which, among other personal data will be hidden when the vehicle owners give your car for a short time in the wrong hands.

Tesla fell in recent months repeatedly with negative messages to the public. Thus, in February consumer magazine withdrew a recommendation to buy Tesla's third model


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on the run as Elon Musk of Tesla

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