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The first DNF of the season: Lüthi rides to rivals and accidents


After about a third of the race in the GP of Argentina magic ended: Moto2 returnees Tom Lüthi falls after his dream of returning for the second race.

Meanwhile Lüthi has to take the first clear round in the second race of the season. In Argentina GP Moto2 rider falls after about a third of the race. He drives his frontman Brad Binder too close, drives him to the rear, then a chance. Emmental bitter occupy 8th, which lie in the gravel. The race ended.

Kiss! Lüthi up immediately, obviously a whole. But even sour. A good starting position in the championship is gone after 2nd place to start the season. He knows that if he has a thing can not afford.

Earlier läufts Emmentaler, weakened starts from cold, not round. C 5 may run for only a short time prior to the tip. Lüthi under the & # 39; goes to third place, but then pass them back.

Lüthi brakes haunted

"I could not very well slow down throughout the race," the 32-year-old GLANCE gives an explanation. It led him to slow him down in the corners. "It gave me quite a few strokes."

When he touched the back wheel binders, it is exactly the same problem. "I just could not stop, even when I was full on the brakes." Of course, it is a pity zero, says Lüthi. "For the championship it hurts. Bitter, very clear. "

Also Aegerter accidents

Dominique Aegerter is well on its way to the first world points on the MV Agusta. But on the last lap he lost consciousness. For this Jesko Raffin inherit a place in the championship points and the fifteenth

In the foreground Remy Gardner, Lorenzo Baldassarri and Lüthi teammate Marcel Shrotter deliver a hot battle. But as Gardner and Schrötter fall Baldassarri celebrate safely at the end of the second victory of the season. Gardner finished second, Schrötter still falls to rank sixth Alex Marquez legacy platform.

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