The Gina-Lisa is sleeping with so many men


At "Adam sucht Eve", celebrities shine empty. But not only was his naked body revealed, but also some intimate secrets.

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While the men had to compete in the "Eva Adam sucht" – among them Jan Sokolowsky of "Love Island" – the women from Kuppelshow on a cruise ship were having fun: They played spinning bottles.

"How many men do you have in bed?"

Gina-Lisa Lohfink and two other non-prominent female candidates asked intimate questions with a replacement lip gloss bottle. Jennifer was curious from the entertainer: "How many men do you have – so in bed?" Gina-Lisa must think. Jennifer linked: "Under 100?" From the former GNTM candidate, he said: "Yes, of course, below 100. What do you always think about?" Ironically, he exaggerated: "Yes, I will ram everything that is not on three feet."

"Even under 20"

But then the model is calm: "No more than 30, I have a lot of long relationships, two, three years, I think it's even under 20." Many people only have a wrong picture of him, he explained. Nobody really knows how it really is. In fact, Gina-Lisa Lohfink is very sensitive, friendly and helpful in reality shows. Newcomers accepted them with open arms, in the case of their colleague's problem he showed himself sympathetic. Gina-Lisa also likes to be sexy, for example, she trains Töpfer – naked with her opponent Marina. Overall, he looks sympathetic, funny, and down to earth.

Jan and Gina-Lisa – new dream partner?

It also likes newcomers Jan. The former candidate "Cinta Island" brought 32-year-old coffee, asked after his state of mind and even held Hessin's hand. Finally, he even said to him, "I only thought about your lips for a while, I was a little afraid to kiss you." Gina-Lisa remained calm: "This is not normal, I know that. With Botox and lips, the breasts are also very large."

"I'm disgusted in front of my body"

However the reality of the star's very operated exterior has a reason. "Because something happened to me, I was disgusted with myself and my body," said Gina-Lisa. Even before their participation in "German Next Top Model" friends Heidi Klum was said to have exploited it. "When I drank something, they made love and filmed with me, it happened to me when I was 19 years old."

Jan Sokolowsky: First Jan Sokolowsky: The former candidate for "Cinta Island" is also here. (Source: MG RTL D)

When Jan found the entertainment of Gina-Lisa, she spoke well to him and both laughed quickly together again. You just don't like it: Martin. Students from Chemnitz have been interested in entertainers for some time. He must be back now.


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