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The launch campaign for the new CLA Coupé: with the slogan "Follow the rules."


Launch of the new CLA coupe, accompanied by Mercedes-Benz with an emotional film today can be seen on the YouTube channel of Mercedes-Benz. The five-minute film tells the story of his youth and adult life, adaptation and non-conformism. In the fictional internal dialogue with the & # 39 is the youngest person in retrospect, dreams and desires of his younger self. "Follow the rules." Accordingly, the message of the new CLA coupe. Mercedes-Benz wants to encourage people to follow your inner voice and do the important things in life, on an individual basis on the company, too.

"A unique car for exceptional people – so we can see and show the new CLA coupe. The film speaks the language of the young, self-confident target group that wants to remain true to herself, "says Bettina Fetzer, marketing manager for Mercedes-Benz Cars. "We rely more on entertainment than on traditional advertising. The film is dynamic and emotional, without taking on too suras & # 39; ozna ".

CLA drivers are considered to be individualists. Creativity, aesthetic expression and feeling, to decide their own lives, with the & # 39 are of paramount importance to them.

The star performs new Instagram filters exclusively for the company's CLA

As the first car brand Mercedes-Benz allows you to virtually put in an imaginary world and the CLA, to make them more by the rules established for companies with CLA Instagram augmented reality (AR) filter #PlayByYourRules, Filter inspired by typical neon lights of Tokyo Japanese capital, a place for the production of a photo with a CLA of print advertising. below #PlayByYourRules Fans of the brand with the star and the users of social media are invited to become part of the company and a fun way to try a variety of filter options. The only condition to & # 39 is the account of Mercedes-Benz Instagram @mercedesbenz follow, and from there select AR filter in its own pan filter.

The film was directed by François Roussel. He is currently one of the most creative minds in music videos and commercials. Roussel has worked among others with Kanye West, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell and Jack White. For his work he was awarded the MTV Music Award and the World Music Award.

film images acoustically accompanied by the song "Just like honey" Scottish rock band «The Jesus and Mary Chain." In addition to the long version of the film will be shown in the 30-second version. She & # 39 is part of an integrated marketing campaign for the new CLA-coupe, which began with the world premiere of & # 39; EASURES on January 8, 2019 CES in Las Vegas. The Company and all information on the CLA coupe can be found at:

Photos for advertising motifs CG Watkins production in Tokyo. The Paris-based fashion photographer are heavily dependent on the skate and music subculture and are distinguished by their progressive style of photography. He has worked in renowned international journals, such as I-D, Dazed & Confused and brands like Kenzo, Nike and Adidas.

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