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The new green wave – View


After winning the green eco-parties want to cooperate more closely with each other. to launch the first calls. But on other issues, we are far from each other.

Can convincingly civic helplessness in the face of the green march through Zurich entirely put into words: "We were weggeschwappt green wave", the losing candidate FDP adviser said Thomas Vogel (47) last Sunday. The climate of protest is reached from the road in the polls.

While green and Chamber of Commerce to celebrate his victory in the election strategy of the two eco-sides are working to build on this momentum in the fall in national elections.

Joint projects after the elections

In the background, they would multiply on how to implement a specific, outdoors, keep still closed. Green President Regulus Rytz (57), in the end, says. "The project, which is to address the environmental forces together in the near law, this new edition of the green economy" The federal government should actively participate in the bachelor's economy is transformed into a circular economy, the request came for the first time in September 2016 vote. Green, SP, CCI and EPP fought – at the polls, he was suspended a massive 63.6 per cent.

Tiana Angelina Moser (39), leader of the parliamentary faction of the Green Liberals, called the introduction of a climate and energy steering and stricter law on spatial planning, examples of joint projects after the elections.

A bad reputation in the Federal Bern

Green and Green Liberal have good reasons for not aggressive responsible for these projects during the election campaign. Party leaders know: Once it becomes concrete, hard green concern in all the euphoria. Green record in Federal Bern can not rely on. In December, the CO2 Act shipwreck in the National Council – the same camera said six billion francs for the national roads. And the general population have been bans and Lenkunsabgaben was bad "instead of VAT energy" initiative CCI was in 2015 with 92 percent of the vote against the biggest flop in history.

Previously, the most lasting legacy of the Green Party from the & # 39 is a lot of the EEA on the page Blocher one thousand nine hundred ninety-two historic decision to phase out nuclear power, however, decided by the Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard (55), the CVP woman with Sommaruga (58), the Social-Democrat to park the first Swiss nuclear power plants, "still the most beautiful red green" sneered a veteran SP Helmut Habacher on Saturday in the "Basler Zeitung".

Greens can not be withheld. The outcome of the upbeat Zurich, bring the old plans from the box. "In the current circumstances, we must address the key environmental issues of the climate movement and to finish with the economy," Green New Deal "," says Regula Rytz. You will not win "sleeper" in the fall, "the election in Basel and Lucerne country today, Sunday & # 39 are the next test."

fundamental differences

Since the cooperation of environmental forces will look like, it should be clarified in the summer, so Rytz on. Not an easy thing, because green and green Liberal regarded primarily as competitors. Tiana Angelina Moser reveals fundamental differences, for example, about the role of the state.

These are the questions that led 15 years ago to split the country – the same process that began in Zurich. Former adviser and Zurich Chamber of Commerce, co-founder of Verena Diener (70) considers this section today, but as a blessing to a curse: "I doubt that we UNITED won so many places."

With the unity of environmental concerns, there is little to see. CCI supports the draft framework agreement between the EU unconditionally and protests against the "union of dogmatism." With Rytz in turn sits on top of a former Green Spitzenfunktionärin of the Federation of Trade Unions.

Until the green trend continues?

Meanwhile, the climate debate brought a lot of new members of the Greens. Since 2014 the number of members has increased from 7400 to 8800. The sections in Bern, Zurich and Vaud increased above average. In Zurich, the party has grown since the beginning of 2018 by 25 percent.

A similar picture with the & # 39 is a young green. While the month about 40 young people have joined the party in the past, it was only in January, has one hundred and thirty

Since the 1980s, party favor repeatedly by political trends – a short time later to be trimmed again. Time will not be the old party National Council and historian Green Josef Lang believes (64, ZG). "The environmental movement will sound longer than the last movement," he says. "In addition, the probability that the red-green block grows as it turns out as a whole." Succeeded in Zurich. At the moment.

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