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Thunderstorm heralds the next wave wave – News Panorama: Miscellaneous


On Sunday night in Switzerland lightning storms. By SRF Meteo, it broke out about 800 times. In Ticino Lake Geneva and the temperature dropped below 20 degrees. On Sunday, rain and clouds should fall. The maximum temperature is expected to reach 28 degrees.

Monday Switzerland will dry and hot air. The reason for this with the & # 39 is stable omega position, writes Meteonews. Although, according to meteorologists, in the mountains cumulus clouds are formed. Thunderstorm risk is negligible.

On Monday the 30-degree mark is widely cracked. On Thursday, a very hot: Then, in the valley of the Rhône, in the north-west of Switzerland, in the lower valley of the ADA and Geneva possible to 37 degrees. Even at night the thermometer does not fall below 20 degrees. He was waiting with tropical nights.

How long does the heat wave is still unclear. Friday through Switzerland may be cooler air, but the risk of thunderstorms rises. But it is also possible that the high temperatures will remain for some time. Agreement on Tuesday warned of significant heat danger (level 3).

We can say the high level of omega when an anticyclone is accompanied by two areas of low pressure. This Suzorye & # 39; e provides extremely stable outward & # 39; e.

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