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Thurgau TICKER: Magistratin visited Bussnang +++ corpse after a fire in Salmsach identified +++ Frauenfelder firefighters to practice for the real thing


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Tuesday, April 30, 8:07

Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter with & # 39; guest appearances with Stadler

Karin Keller-Sutter occurred on Monday night in Stadler Rail in Bussnang plant. East Swiss Federal Councilor advertised on the podium for the adoption of Thurgauer Zeitung OASI tax package and the new law of arms. Also, Stadler Rail boss Peter Speler called yes to both templates.

Tuesday, April 30, 7:38

Center for Wild bird care open

(Pd), This Saturday, 4 and my station Wildvogelpflege- Reptilienauf-fang in Sägenösch Kreuzlingen opened. President Vice City Dorena Raggenbass, animal protection officers Kreuzlingen Association and architect Grant Elisabeth Stadler at 12 o'clock understanding of the plant.

Monday, April 29, 19:48

Urban fire locks Center for Exercise

(SD) With a massive contingent of fire drills Frauenfeld On Monday evening fire. With designed home on Zürcherstrasse 224 counterpart state archives fumes of smoke, while the vehicle is moving forward with an automatic turntable ladder and fire commander Fabrizio Hugentobler coordinates. For the exercise, the fire closed in complete agreement with the police Thurgau Zurcherstrasse / Zeughausstrasse cantonal road to the site and pulled Schweizerhofkreisel traffic in any case often fluctuates, especially in peak hours through the site in Erchingerhof.

Monday, April 29, 19:07

Reader Photo of the Day

(Mus / MSE) Barbara Rohner from Müllheim caught early evening mood in the chamber Frankirchli Pfyn about.

The TZ-editors are always pleased with the reader sent photos. Because we show and reward these print photos it is also very important for us to present thematically more choice. We look forward to even greater things with people and beautiful moments. You can send us your photos of the reader at any time

Monday, April 29, 18:19

All changes in the dental school

(Pd), After 40 years working as a dentist in the dental school KreuzlingenIncluding 31 years as a medical director, Mats Grahm end of August 2019 earned retirement. With Vanya Roeniger young and ambitious successor takes over management of the hospital. The change of leadership takes place on May 1 in Marcus Blättler, Vice President Primarschulgemeinde stories.

Monday, April 29, 17:45

Expert evaluation target price Stadler shares

(TG) Of the two and a half weeks of Stadler Rail, with headquarters in Bussnang Currently, the stock exchange. The shares are expected to initially make any big jumps up, experts say.

Monday, April 29, 17:22

A natural spectacle in Weinfelden

(GPB) Spring leaves nature once again light up green. In addition to cherry trees, which currently display their white luster, you can also Knock out the vines observed. From that moment on, late frosts growers feared, as the vine shoots are very sensitive to frost. Only after Eisheiligen, in mid-May, late danger of frost should be completed. Winery Markus Mueller of Weinfelden appreciated shoots its vines.

Monday, April 29, 16:17

Canton police were investigating RASER

(Capa) Thurgau cantonal police faced speeder, with the car in the middle of April in the city Kreuzlingen It was massive too fast. By measuring the speed of the system was April 20, shortly after 2:15 am Seetalstrasse to bottighofen the vehicle is registered, which took the measurement point in the city to 110 kilometers per hour. After deducting the margin of safety on the steering wheel exceeds the speed limit to 54 kilometers per hour, which corresponds to the crime RASER.

Police investigations revealed that he & # 39 is responsible referring to the 28-year-old Swiss. His driver's license was confiscated account movement of traffic management.

Monday, April 29, 15:57

Fire Salmsach: Missing dead residents

(Capa) Human remains from the burning subject in Salmsach It can be attributed to the absence of its inhabitants. Studies conducted by the Institute of Forensic Medicine of St. Gallen showed that human remains may be associated with the missing 50-year-old resident of the apartment building.

Monday, April 29, 15:48

threatened with knives – man arrested

(Capa) Canton Thurgau Police arrested on Sunday in Münchwilen man who had previously threatened a snack bar worker with a knife. Based on previous results, police cantons Thurgau 13:00 endanger human worker at the diner on Eschlikonerstrasse with knife and then he walked away from the scene. No one was hurt. In Manhunt recognized cantonal police forces around Thurgau man who was signaling approaches. 34-year-old Turk was briefly detained, a folding knife can be provided on the escape route.

The prosecutor ordered a blood and urine sample, if the accused. After all, people have psychological problems, he was admitted after medical treatment. The exact circumstances specified by the judicial police. In order to keep track of evidence of police forensic service Thurgau cantonal it was called. The prosecutor's office conducts criminal investigations.

Monday, April 29, 15:23

Hockey stars train in Weinfelden

(Mte) This week, prepares the Swiss national team ice hockey in the vineyards Güttingersreuti on their last two warm-up matches before the World Cup in Slovakia. On Wednesday from 16 to 17:30 a public training takes place, Tells a Swiss Hockey Association. Among other things, Yossi NHL star, Yannick Weber and Nick Hischier will be observed in their training. Game warm-up in Weinfelden then take place on Saturday evening at 18.30 in Guetti.

Monday, April 29, 14:34

Friedensrichteramt candidate in Arbon

(MLS) May 19, voters elect a new magistrate in the Arbon district. He announced his candidacy at the last minute 44-year-old Marco army from Frasnacht, Experienced chef works AG in Gossau in the field service companies Bufis.

On the official list of his name is not listed. Until the end of the deadline in the state not Allocation has been received.

Monday, April 29, 13:51

Kimi trading

(Rk) Reducing the laundry and dishwasher can give minipig Kimi already Thurgauer Zeitung he brings his mistress Rosmarie Amriswil long years and for a long time. Well wizard one and a half years from the minipig Räuchlisberg next callIt makes its own puzzle.

Monday, April 29, 12:01

Thurgau cantonal police of & # 39; is the winner of a fluorescent jacket

(Capa) given on October 1, 2018 on March 31, 2019 2389 students at a roadside police canton Thurgau competition claws of a police officer or a police officer with. These children took part in the drawing automatically when the fluorescent jackets competition.

Wearing vests road safety of students will be increased at night in the dark winter months and. Therefore provides road safety Thurgau last few years, a child in primary and secondary schools in the canton of Thurgau free fluorescent jacket and thus actively supported schools.

The lucky winners of 2018/2019 read: Zurich Jorin, Romanshorn; Bäschlin Lee Kreuzlingen; Asanov Vjosa, Kreuzlingen; Ilic Andrew Kreuzlingen; Oman Lara, Tägerwilen; Huber Janis, Castle; Kapler Svea, God loves; Züllig Levin, Illighausen; Here Untersperger Lias, the land battle; Elena Burkard, Guttingen; Alex Frei, kesswil; Hug Silla, Neukirch; Bussinger Stefanie, hüttwilen; Rinaldi Jessenia, Oberaach; Sorice Ilary, Amriswil; Oberholzer Toby, Schlattingen; Zimmerman Milena Diessenhofen; Biedermann Til Rheinklingen; Spitteler Martin, Eschenz; Bohli, Michael, Steckborn; Schoenberg Kai, Steckborn; Eberle Leon, Bürglen; Traber Lias, Weinfelden; Nusser Ana, Weinfelden; Pepaj Daniel, Klarsreuti; Heussi Sarah, Donzhausen; Jaeggi Lara Alexander, Müllheim; Thoma Philine, Wangi; Kuster Niklaas wuppenau; Rohner Svea, Neukirch AD Thu; Feck Louise, Freidorf; Hollenstein Tim, Frasnacht; Oettinger rhea, Wilen; Little Luke, Sirnach; Nick Balmer, Eschlikon; Haussener Leon, Braunau; Warping Pascal ettenhausen; Gülünk Asa, Wallenwil; Bocale Naira, Rickenbach; Schefer Aiyana, Zihlschlacht; Circle Nevio, Bischofszell; Steinacher Jan, Hauptwil; Künzle Leandro, Zihlschlacht; Steiner Malin, Frauenfeld; Hofer Elina, Frauenfeld; Damian Sara, Frauenfeld; Hilzinger Emmanuel, Frauenfeld; David Hofer hüttlingen; Maldini Lorenzo, Matzingen; Doetschmann Sophie mountains.

Monday, April 29, 11:40

PHTG held master degrees

(Pd), 44 graduates of master's programs, below average, average LL and early childhood teacher education University Thurgau (PHTG) was allowed on Friday night on the campus in PHTG Kreuzlingen We received certificates at a decent graduation ceremony.

Graduate Speaker Frank Schadler, director of the Department of Education and Sports of the city of Konstanz, which emphasizes on the & # 39; combines culture in the border between Switzerland and Germany, between Kreuzlingen and Constance. on the & # 39; unite the two cities accounted for nearly 6,000 companies in its field, with about 45 000 jobs. "In this border area, the company is working not only in education but also in other public services. It strengthens the entire region. but, basically, personal relationships that make two different systems together better than individually, on their own.

Monday, April 29, 11:27

Open Days in St. Catherine

(Pd), The following weekend, my 4 and 5, provides for the conservation of the cantonal Office for two days of open doors in the monastery church and the Small House Museum St. Catherine about. Tours of the cathedral in the Baroque style and the Small House Museum framed by various bodies and choral concerts. The church opens at 11 am.

Gregorianikkonzert Sunday at 17.15 marks the end of two days. Led by Christoph Honegger, who will also play a part in the organ Bommer, the Schola Gregoriana Scaphusiensis will musically recreate the founding years of the monastery again.

Monday, April 29, 10:37

Influence of alcohol at the wheel

(Capa) Canton Thurgau Police has on Sunday evening in Weinfelden I pulled to & # 39; drunken drivers off the road. Thurgau cantonal police patrol in control motorist who had previously seen him dangerous control shortly before 16:45 Deucherstrasse. breath alcohol test gives a value of about 1.06 ppm to 56-year-old Portuguese. His driver's license was confiscated account movement of traffic management.

Monday, April 29, 9:36

Green light for Open Air Frauenfeld 2019

(Pd / MSE) City Council approved Frauenfelder Open Air Frauenfeld 2019 that from 11 to 13 July 2019 in the Greater Allmend It will be delivered. According to the City Council launches the biggest hip-hop festival in Europe "in accordance with the provisions of the Guidelines on the organization of Open Air 2019" will be held. Thus, the concept of the safety and health of the grant component, uniform It applies provided that the medical health management concept of the Canton of Thurgau and the concept of security, of course, the time to plan for the cantonal police structure and the fire department of the city Frauenfeld They were approved.

Since December, the open-air broadcasters with & # 39 are The line-up announcedWhile also addressing the ticket sales started. According to media representative Joachim Bodmer only a few three-day passes. Last year, Open Air Frauenfeld celebrated recording. For the first time there are no more tickets were available before the festival, among other things, thanks to the headliners Eminem.

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