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Thus, SVP finds his party leader Zurich


While delegates SVP decided in Amriswil room, which gave them on the board, I ran outside in the open air, a fascinating discussion about the continuity of the deposed president Zurich Konrad Lang Hart.

What SVP Switzerland President Albert Rosti (51) in Amriswil Thurgau in the framework agreement with the EU, he told delegates interested moderate. Disputing Party's position is well known and is not contested parteiintern.

At this time, the smokers among the partisans seemed especially numerous. Because after the surprise announcement on Friday that the party leadership should go to Zurich, many delegates considered free on Saturday to discuss around the set and ask for an ashtray without cigarette in his hand to "Zurich crisis."

It should be a man

Surprisingly warm and sunny weather & # 39; e, Glacé-, sausage and beer stands were not able to provide a good atmosphere for all: Party Patron Blocher (78) was not as talkative as usual. And shake of the head is often the answer to the only question that interested today: Who will replace Konrad Lang Hart (55) as President SVP Zurich?

It soon became apparent that those who spoke were those who did not. The rest of the talking in the background. Dived into the hall among the delegates when journalists approached. However, with the & # 39 is all: the party strategists have someone in the rear, they will offer on Monday evening at a meeting of the party executive president.

According to information, opinion must be a person in a predominantly affection candidate Blocher. He was, but the "old man" and "is one that none of the account," says a man who should know. So many people talked publicly about since Friday disappears.

Successor successor sought

To the public did not notice, but the search for a successor is already running, or the successor to the currently requested the interim president. Because it's supposed to, basically to bring party Zurich safe enough through the national elections in the autumn and to deny the end of the year.

"Then the Moor has done his job," said a member of Zurich. The fact that the current transitional president would be installed, but clearly show that we have not really believed in the possibility of achieving a satisfactory outcome in the national elections in the Canton of Zurich on 20 October.

One may wonder, with a & # 39 Rita Fuhrer's (65) for the Bureau in the period after the interim president had someone in mind. In fact, after Blocher said on Tuesday at a meeting of the party leadership of Zurich say it was an old member of the council, who made nails with heads and demanded the replacement of the party leadership.

Moderate General Staff Planning

Already on Tuesday to sign a new president, Zurich delegate. Short periods show that all military precision planned: removal of the old Zurich peak on Tuesday after the foreseeable defeat in the elections on Sunday, on the & # 39 announcement of the departure on Friday Day of proposal for the president on Monday and the next day after being elected delegates who are expected to join the proposal of the government.

But full circle: even delegates FPÖ Switzerland moved into the party executive Amriswil Swiss, who decided to apply to the share of the voting AHV administrative template (Staf).

Receivables from gallery

Council delegates also laid claim to the 13 institutional agreement with the EU to: In paragraph 3, as required, to the Federation Council must sign a contract that is contrary to the Constitution and the "foreign judges" or the European Court of Justice accepts. Claims emphasize deflection Hung frameworks adopted SVP. The requirements agreed to delegates.

And he wants to know nothing, SVP not only on agreement with the EU. Delegates entirely missed nya parole for tougher gun laws, which comes as a Staf 19 my 2019 box.

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