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Ueli Maurer to the SVP crisis


Election win SVP with proven themes such as the EU, foreigners or taxes, says that her ex-president Ueli Maurer. In addition, the president explains why the middle class pay the bill when people reject the tax reform and the financing of AHV.

Over the years, Ueli Maurer (68) for the majority of politicians are just interested in a loud voice the FPÖ. Beginning in 2009, however, this has changed. Because until now the former party boss and the National Council with the & # 39; is a member of the Federal Council. Since his transfer in 2016 in the Finance Department of Zurich became a central figure in the government. This year, Maurer chaired the committee for the second time.

During a conversation in his office at the top Bernerhof question, of course, be established: the collapse of the FPÖ in the elections a week ago in Zurich. As the chief treasurer, of course, he also talks about his project, which comes to the vote on May 19: the tax reform and the financing of AHV. With Verve explains Maurer, why so many – not right when they fight template – even in his own party.

Mr. President, you were from 1996 to 2008, head of the SVP. On Sunday, Zürcher your profile is at the 1995 level, the harm you?
Ueli Maurer: Not really. We got a lot of years. It was all uphill. Now the pendulum is swinging back a little. It is for the party to take countermeasures.

How do you see the situation – what happened?
We become comfortable with our people on a fairly strict. Who will win, he says he always goes. I also noted some superficial. Regardless of the framework agreement, the tax reform or gun rights: SVP always be said for business No. It is important that the user can just as well explain why she does it, and shows alternative. That's not enough business at the moment.

1991 you lost the election against Councilor Moritz Leuenberger, 2007 Senate race against Verena Diener. As a politician, to deal with such a defeat?
For me, it was very fast. it was then important to me to remain politically loyal to me as true to themselves, to get a position. I was a politician with an edge – something that is condemned in the executive branch. I felt it more as a compliment to my cutting policy.

Your party is firmly a matter for Europe. You would do this shared responsibility?
Yes, this strategy with the & # 39 is correct. We are already in his time as the main themes of the relationship Switzerland-EU foreigners crime, taxes and fees. These dossiers we have dealt with for years, explains our people – and they succeeded. I would hold on to it.

At the moment, everyone is talking about climate.
MRAs should not jump on the climate fraud. It would be quite improbable. For the new campaign theme train left long ago. It takes from four to eight years to prepare for the election campaign, both the House of Representatives election. I know that from experience. SVP must remain with his subjects, if they want to be successful in October. Quick shot will be fatal.

They are bogus president of your party. What contribution do you personally need to be made ready to allow elections SVP well?
This question is not for me. I have as president of a different function, a different responsibility in my office. Of course, I will attend events and to understand my point. But the election campaign of the SVP I can not work.

They seem to be less and less, according to your side: Smooth SVP representatives to reject the bill on tax reform and funding AHV (Staf) p. They struggle as the Minister of Finance for the case. Why are your friends in the party on this question is not it?
Sun SVP fights against it, it is silent. I represent the view of the Federal Council and Parliament. This is a good compromise and a federal compromise: Taking into account that a good tax bill is rejected because you do not want to mix with the AHV? Or so they say, for the sake of the greater whole? Most choose to place business.

But the national policy, pushing bond.
After a lot of corporate tax reform III may all call upon the counterweight. Thus, the parliament tied to the new reform AHV. It is a compromise, and not a bad thing. In addition to advice and the cantons, cities and all business organizations have agreed. And it can be argued that the idea does not harm anyone. Not exotic enough to say no.

What does this say about the reform of the country where you have to connect two foreign business to get the most votes?
Parliament simply thinks that the tax reform – SV17 – in itself not a majority. I think it probably needs to be a counterweight to win the vote. People I meet, I think that it is reasonable.

But one and wondered why the middle class must pay for it with scheduled deductions from wages.
Just the opposite is the case! The middle class will pay if we do not accept applications for participation. Switzerland, then loses control over the substrate; this gap SMEs should then fill.

Yes but with AHV deductions above.
1:50 1,000 francs reward. AHV cost us still more. The plans of the Federal glad to see him before the VAT increase by 1.7 percent. We say yes Staf, we have to raise VAT in favor of AHV only 0,8Prozent. This, obviously, social and especially the lower and middle incomes receive. If, as suggested, AVS to save two billion dollars a year, we save about one percent VAT. With an annual income of 80,000 francs, which is around 400 francs. AHV increase in contributions is only 100 francs for the same income. Thus, there remains something & # 39; w in this example, 300 francs.

Two years ago, you warned that many companies will not leave a lot of the corporate tax reform in Switzerland. In the current proxy fight Repeating this argument. How many companies have moved in recent years?
In No, we would have lost tax revenues. For companies, it is simply too difficult to plan because there is no legal certainty. Since neither to the latest reform, some of them did not. The danger lies in the fact that now even more mobile. Therefore the vote on May 19 in the main safety issues. We assure AHV and jobs!

The Left is already a struggle certain tax cuts for the companies in the cantons. so it makes your planning security?
Perhaps it covers five endangered cantons. Another judge their starting position is always independent of each other and contrary EGRAM III did not make for big tax cuts to be a majority.

May 19 will be put to the vote on the law of arms. Several officers to protect themselves from it. What do you say as a former major supply?
The officers divided the rest of the population. EU wants to fight this terrorism measure. It is clear, if our people say that the size of the log has no effect on terrorism. Again, we have to make a compromise. We want Schengen to be there to accept restrictions on the purchase or we risk a break and shall be held in Waffenrecht free? Probably, it is closer to the common interests of Switzerland.

Everyone is waiting to compete again as the Federal Council in December.
Yes, I will work again.

You will be December 1, 69.
I feel very fit. Management is very difficult and demanding. But the work I like. I do not know what I would do for the moment I prefer. Of course, I have hobbies, have grandchildren. But no, I like it well.

You're afraid to let go – to get in the hole, if you're not longer hold the top position?
It would probably be something I am missing. But logically, one day it's all over. In December, but it is, of course, does not exist.

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