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Zhimelstob case: Wawrinka sharply criticizes the SPS


Wawrinka is publicly against Gimelstob. Photo: EPA

Wawrinka slams, "It's over this shameful spectacle"

Gimelstob week ago was sentenced to three years of probation, 60 days of community service and anger management therapy. Well, the first player requires the removal of the Executive Committee of the American Professional Association of ATP.

Simon Häring / Media channel

Last week issued a court in Los Angeles, landmark verdict against ex-tennis on Gimelstob. The court considered proven that American has its neighbors Randall Kaplan whipped with more than 50 blows to the head and his wife suffered as a result of a traumatic event miscarriage. Verdict: Three years probation, 60 days of community service and therapy for anger management.

It also affects the tennis circus. Until now, 42-year-old was considered a leading candidate for the vacant since January 2020 as president of the PCA, after the consent of the British Chris Kermode among other efforts Novak Djokovic will not be upgraded as the President of the Council of players. Zhimelstob is currently one of the three representatives of the players on the ATP Board, which held jointly responsible for the non-renewal of the contract Kermode.

But now Zhimelstob, who won as a player two Grand Slam mixed and the employee the highest-ranked American, John Isner, never heard from again, but infectious applied. So said rekonvalszente following steps hip replacement Andy Murray (32) in the "Daily Telegraph": "After what happened, I think it is possible that in the future Gimelstob is able to influence or control the ATP."

Wawrinka is now included. He writes: "We players have to occur. Gimelstob was found guilty of assault. It can not be that we will not tolerate such behavior. "33-year-old Romand asks gamers to shift Zhimelstob Council at its next meeting on May 14 in Rome as the representative of the player. "We must put an end to this shameful spectacle inunserem great sport."

Criticism of Novak Djokovic

In the first years Wawrinka clearly taken a position as president of player Novak Djokovic Council criticized publicly and persistently his sins in dealing with other leading players. He missed the Serb consult Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in question Kermode future. Briton enjoyed by many players much support, even if Wawrinka, who said. "It is very important that he is still our president"

Djokovic with Gimelstobs son Brandon.

While Wawrinka expresses himself strongly, others to show restraint. Rafael Nadal in Barcelona wrapped in silence: "I do not say anything." Even the PCA did not mean position. She wrote: "We have decided not to wait for the process and the court before deciding on his future. After this process is complete, we will make a decision on 14 May Gimelstobs role in the SPS. "Thank you for making far enough.

Zhimelstob supports the ambitions

At the same time, several candidates for Gimelstobs points positioned gamer advice. It is difficult to assume that he still enjoys the necessary Rückhhalt, although there are players who are still standing on it. Among other things, the Canadian Pospisil, who, like Djokovic sits in the gaming board. There apparently prevailing view Gimelstob & # 39; ve received a positive change for the players. Weighing private blunders de 42 years of age.

Gimbelstob strikes against fierce winds. Photo: AP / AP

Zhimelstob, who also works for the «Tennis Channel», however, is not wearing his ambition for the presidency of ATP into the grave. Compared with the "New York Times," he said shortly after the sentence: "I would not be the first person who was sur & # 39; oznay problem (…), and then ascended to a position of great responsibility, authority and leadership . This would be one of my greatest achievements and stolzesten ".

Tournament wins Wawrinka

Unforgettable tennis history

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