'They would have been a bit scratchy': The ceramic 'gaming pieces' that new research claims were a Roman equivalent to loo roll

‘They would have been a bit scratchy’: The ceramic ‘gaming pieces’ that new research claims were a Roman equivalent  to loo roll The flat, disc-shaped relics were unearthed in West Sussex in 1960 British Medical Journal article proposed their personal hygiene function Museum curator says he doubts they would have been comfortable to use By … Read more

Super-rare 240mph McLaren F1 sells for £8.8MILLION 

A super-rare McLaren F1 that’s one of only two ever made became the most expensive British car after it sold for £8.8million. The 1998 vehicle, Ceramic disc which was built in Woking, Surrey, sold as part of a fleet of 25 classic models from the past 50 years named the Pinnacle Collection, at an auction … Read more