Lightning Link Arseniori – What Sets It Apart?The lightning link aristocrat is a piece of home security equipment that connects to your home’s main power supply using a conventional electrical cable. The lightning link has been designed for use with computers and it offers a significant degree of protection that you would usually find in an ordinary conventional box plug. The basic idea behind this plug is that it acts as a lightning junction, drawing all the electricity that it handles through a special conductor that is capable of handling very high voltage. The lightning link is also designed so that if a circuit is created that requires an extra connection, this can be done through the lightning junction, with no need for the traditional wires that would normally be required. This means that in the unlikely event that a lightning strike occurs, all you have to do is turn the lightning link off, disconnect the plug from the power supply and then reconnect the circuit.

Many people are surprised by the level of protection that a lightning protection system can provide. For starters, it means that the chances of a surge in current passing between the lightning link and the power supply is virtually non-existent, so your household will remain fully protected even when there is a lot of activity … Read more