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Green grass roots bonded «Cai Lai of" Green Committee: forced to stand very painful | Apple Daily


DPP primaries in total system Cai, Lai competition, the existing grass-roots party launched a public "support for Tsai Lai" held together, but six members shall also apply to bonded National Party. Nevertheless, the party lawmakers are concerned that the president Tsai Ing-wen, former president of the Executive Yuan Lai Qingde with & # 39 is the most important leader of the party, the party that had been more or less two public culture have to be very painful, public party choose one of the sides of the station, can be the beginning of the party opposite.

It is clear that the party office of the grassroots in the afternoon before the start of a series of "Tsai Lai equipped to defend Taiwan from the & # 39 is the best equation of value" bonded, including Taipei City Councilor Ruanzhao Xiong, New Taipei, Mr. Li Kun and Zhang Zhihao, Mr. Jiang Zhaoguo Taichung, Kaohsiung City Council Lin Zhihong six have more than 20 members have joined.

In addition, Taipei is also offered support to members of the group, together with Cai Lai Gu Taiwan "held together by the application, there are 251 members of the party's headquarters in Taipei, Taipei miles, at the district level director bonded party involved, the statement noted that when Lai Qingde announced your company for the position of President, many people can not even talk about the anxiety, the DPP is not worried about competition, but more needs to be unity, and therefore advocate Cai, Lai platform through primaries, openly explain concepts to each other, and at the end of the primer in coordination with the composition of the company Cai Lai combined.

Nevertheless, in the south-central legislators showed Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP Lai Qingde in recent years with the & # 39 is the most important leader of the majority party, are subject to state or promote the cultivation, forced position will be very painful, and if the party have a public option to take part, this may be the beginning of opposites. Another legislator also noted that coordination should be by mutual agreement, should be adjusted in accordance with the National Party regime, he said, is the way to bottom-stand, but we must not be too intense, it does not sound too much, otherwise, if the result is a & # 39 is a strong statement of the situation provoked opposition within the party is not a good thing.

Legislators directly, the current local part is fastened, put forward their own expectations, but did not say how he would join sealed, as well, because the judge in accordance with the current sound level of bonding will not affect the unity of the party, but he also warns that in public places, including legislators, parliamentarians, as there is government support before the election, with indicators in place, should no longer stand, or pressing position as DPP has the rules of the game, you have to respect the mechanism.

Legislator Li Yi said that the primaries DPP have this mechanism is too radical measures, designed to about & # 39; unification of the party, party official, Cai Lay members of the grass-roots fight anxiety is inevitable, but still must "consider the mechanism, respect for democracy" he said, there is no need to force this stage we are helpless, because the unity of the party, but it may sow the seeds of time & # 39; yadnanastsi, thereby affecting the 2020 general election, becoming a conflict between them, in particular, should be more public party m to avoid such actions, also said Tsai Ing-wen high trust Lai Qingde can put each other's ideas clear, harmonious Get rid of the current situation.

Legislator Lin Junxian respect, social mobilization election, of course, have their own supporters more enthusiastic candidates, he said, DPPY with & # 39 is the first solution of the candidate of the Democratic primary, the most valuable places that supporters of each mobilization, but denounces compounds because the party primaries will experience at all levels of public office, the most important work after the primaries, with the & # 39 is the integration and unity, we must have confidence in the democratic system, Cai Lai also offer in the recent presidential race selection successfully draw public attention to the DPP, which is a & # 39; is the principal brings positive energy. (Lu Yang Chi / Taipei)

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