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Hainan, a hospital insider vaccinated more exposure false cervical cancer vaccine | Boao are, Hainan, Hong Yang Yinfeng International Hospital | Cervical Cancer Vaccine | Lina


Washington, DC April 29, 2019 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Her students legal roundup) Continental play fake vaccine incident. Hainan Boao Kang Yang Yinfeng International Hospital has been found as a fake John & # 39; ektsyi vaccine of 38 people, that is, nine-valent vaccine against HPV (cervical cancer vaccine). The company said fake vaccines nothing to do with, and from former partners. And another company insiders and partners were dug.

At last count, 29 noon, Hainan Boao Kang Yang Yinfeng International Hospital has been closed.

April 22, 2019, mainland Internet users located on the news of microblogging, he grew up in Boao Kang Yinfeng International Hospital Limited (hereinafter referred to as the «Boao Yinfeng Hospital") John & # 39; ektsyya HPV vaccine nine-valent with & # 39 is a fake vaccine, with & # 39 is illegal contraband or manufactured at the plant Siping, Jilin unknown syrup, and shows the corresponding receipts, screenshots, chat, John & # 39; ektsyynyya card.

Internet users detail the whole process of vaccination: at the beginning of January 2018, its advisory Which vaccine from training director Lina hospital, and soon to the hospital, to pay 9,000 yuan, the first needle and injected "Korean version of the vaccine," but only a few car loan payment cards Boao Yinfeng hospital, but the door of a parked Shandong Qingdao home. March 31, Wang Lin said that China and South Korea tensions will lead to another "Korean version of the vaccine," was captured, second and third users of the needle is forced to go to the vaccination, "the US version of the vaccine," which is a & # 39 is the third needle Lina in person at the place of John & # 39; ektsyi.

Internet users are vaccinated experience the impact of fake vaccine. (Network Screenshot)
Internet users are vaccinated experience the impact of fake vaccine. (Network Screenshot)

In March of this year, Internet users know that this vaccine with & # 39 is a fake vaccine, the official approval of the HPV vaccine nine-valent, before listing 28 April 2018.

To do this, users are asked Lina, and Lina answer basically refused saying her professional advice is only responsible for the customer's dock, otherwise knew nothing.

April 28, 2019, Hainan Sponge issued Health Survey reported that the hospital did Boao Yinfeng allows you to practice February 1, 2016, opening March 21, 2018, did not get "vaccinated" clinic license. A total of 38 people (37 eligible charge customers face in Wang company for free) have been vaccinated against HPV vaccines nine-valent.

Bulletin said, November 28, 2017, the hospital BOAO and Qingdao Yinfeng Park Gate House Health Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (Referred to as "Qingdao Park Gate") signed a cooperation agreement. 18 April, the Commission issued a fine message, including a warning, a fine of 8,000 yuan, to withdraw "medical facility" and so on.

However, the hospital is still operating normally. Day 28, the hospital said in a statement posted on the official website, fake vaccines from former partners Qingdao Park Gate, Boao Kang Yinfeng International Hospital did not cause Xingshifanzui suspicions, adding that in July 2018 was made with cooperation partners relationship.

Continental surge News 29 reported that, in the case of Wang also introduced the vaccine, this means that the staff of Wang Lin hospitals. And the micro-channel is the name of the business Lina cards & # 39 is: «Boao ‧ Yinfeng Yang Kang, director of the International Training Hospital, expert consultants Boao ‧ Yinfeng Yang Kang International Hospital Medical Center, general specialists in design aesthetics stars", and so on .

36 women vaccinated were told that they recommended is the result of love, met on the Internet claiming to Wang Lina hospital staff Boao Yinfeng pay 900 yuan deposit after vaccination, the ED of the hospital card or online transfer of 8,100 yuan. They & # 39 are the first needle vaccination is carried out in the hospital, while the second, three needles were out of the hospital, while the other three needles, which are then adopted a "vaccination door."

The report said more than grafted said outside the hospital for their vaccination "Doctor" under the name «Chi Master.» In fact, the Health Committee in the national health care physicians, nurse practitioners are registered in the information system, hospital staff Boao Yinfeng, not opened «Chi Master," the name.

Inside the hospital Boao Yinfeng

"Corporate Vision" (Mainland enterprise information query network platform) shows 1 February 2016, the creation of hospitals Boao Yinfeng, inject 50 million yuan, Yinfeng Biological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. 100% stake, the legal representative Zhang rainbow address Hainan BOAO, Qionghai City Music international medical tourism first district.

Yinfeng Biological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. April 19, 2011, it was found to inject 100 million yuan, under the «Yinfeng Group», the legal representative of the living Dewei are, a leading bio-engineering sector, which is engaged in human cells, tissues, organs preserved study of high-tech development of core technology and clinical application of cells with & # 39 is the largest, oldest continent to establish a human resources professional tools for storing and clinical medical research institutes cells in eastern China.

Yinfeng Group. (Screenshots)
Yinfeng Group. (Screenshots)

"Company to watch" also shows biotech companies Yinfeng Bioengineering Group Limited, but were released five administrative penalties of false advertising, commercial bribery and so on.

But Yinfeng Biological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and Yinfeng Investment Group Co., Ltd 100% owned, legal representative Wang Wei, then Yinfeng Investment Group Co., Ltd Shandong Yinfeng Investment Group (referred to as "Shandong Yinfeng") 100% holding.

In other words, the actual Boao Yinfeng hospital belongs Shandong Yinfeng. And Shandong Yinfeng August 2, 1999 was created, John & # 39; ektsyynyh 1.1 billion yuan, the legal representative of Wang Wei.

Shandong Yinfeng said their own businesses engaged in industrial investment, taking into account the equity of the holding company Jituangongsi.

«Yinfeng Group is now formed financial investment, development, biomedical engineering, property management four business segments. Among them, the financial investments include equity investment, capital operation, investment and financing advisory services, funds, banks and other services, the group responsible for financial investment management and operation of business-class real estate sector has a complete real estate development, management project Jianzhugongcheng, design, rental and other industrial chain, biological engineering sector is mainly engaged in the storage cells, the preparation and service of technology development and clinical application of genetic t estavannya, cold medicine, health management, medical services, property management sector to "a variety of real estate services + service" as the main industry, has launched a household, catering, pension, community business operators, travel and other miscellaneous services. "

The largest shareholder of Hainan, Shandong Yinfeng Silver Spring Industrial Investment Co., has a 46.36% stake, Wang Wei direct ownership of 23: 04%, with & # 39 is the second-largest shareholder. However, Hainan Silver Spring Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Haneda Advertising Co., Ltd. 100% owned by Wang Wei and Tang Li holds Advertising Co., Ltd. Shenzhen City Haneda 70% and 30% respectively.

At the same time, the other shareholder of Shandong Yinfeng – Shenzhen Investment Limited Jiaxiang, Shandong Rui Zhe Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Ningbo Huiquan Information Technology Co., Ltd. Dong-Hassan and Investment Co., or actual control of Wang Wei, and Wang Wei, Tang Li as the actual holding.

In accordance with the "eye in the sky to check the" information display, many companies involved in Wang Wei Department Yinfeng have actual control of 127 companies.

"21st Century Business Herald" recently reported that Wang Wei Shandong Yinfeng, Sun began early in the financial services, about 1999, to get involved in real estate. In early 2016, Wang Wei was charged with "2016 annual Ten Shandong property." In July 2004 Shandong Yinfeng in the field of biomedicine.

bio-engineering group Shandong Yinfeng Yinfeng, in 2004, took over the bank cord blood stem cells of Shandong, with the & # 39 is the only cord blood have formal legal institutions in Shandong. Because cord blood baby is delivered, the umbilical cord ligation and from the rear left in the placenta and umbilical cord blood, his medical use remains controversial.

In addition, in May 2018, the Communist Party mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency reported that in May 2017, Shandong Yinfeng its institutions, namely Shandong Yinfeng Institutes of Biological Sciences, the Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, together with last years 49-year-old with cancer who died exhibition Wen Lin was the first person in China cryosurgery cases, so much controversy.

13 mine in 2018, Shandong Yinfeng Institute of Biological Sciences, said that cases of human cryogenic preservation of liquid ammonia tank still work, consume about 40 liters of liquid nitrogen per day.

For the "Qingdao door parked" in

Tides News April 29, 2019 reported that in January 2018, the opening of the International Hospital Boao Kang Yang Yinfeng Hainan, Qingdao Park Gate House Beauty Information Consulting Co., Ltd. ( «Qingdao Park Gate»), the founder of Van Xiaodan if the person partners attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Yinfeng website press release biological group that, if the hospital is open, local officials of the relevant departments Qionghai city, also attended the opening ceremony.

Company search for the display, Qingdao Gate Park was created in 2014, a capital injection of 100 million, the legal representative Wang Xiaodan, holding 90%, but was written off. Later renamed Qingdao Gate Park Group Limited, an infusion of 10 million yuan, the legal representative Wang Xiaodan still, holding 99%.

Qingdao Gate Park company profile, said: China & # 39 is headquartered in Hong Kong Sky Beauty, with & # 39 is one of the private high-end custom set of top institutions of formation of South Korea, against Switzerland, international brands make-up, the domestic high-end cooperation equipment. Profiles also said that in Seoul, South Korea, Jeju put the top plastic surgery hospitals have facilities to check the state of health, anti-aging management, medical grade plastic, the SAP transaction, and South Korea as a tourist center on the island of Jeju. #

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