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How to define a common menstrual pain and endometriosis? Organ Obstetrics and Gynecology: after the age of 20. "This is a symptom of" pay attention to | I believe the media


March of each year, one of the world Saturday endometriosis, this year is scheduled for March 30th. "Endometriosis" to the & # 39 is a common disease in women of childbearing age, according to statistics, every 10 women will have endometriosis patient. And studies have shown that female infertility, suffering from endometriosis even accounted for 25% of its obvious threat to women's health.

However, most women are more likely to ignore the warning symptoms caused by, for example, menstrual pain, pain during intercourse, infertility, diarrhea and other symptoms, suffered from the pain of endometriosis does not know. At the end of the early detection of endometriosis? And how to prevent it?

General Secretary of the Endometriosis Association, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei director of reproductive endocrinology Zhang Mingyang, upon receipt of the first explanation of "the media letter" a telephone interview & # 39; w, endometriosis, endometrial growth that somewhere outside the uterus, resulting in different growth figure disease "if long in the ovary, commonly known as chocolate cysts (cyst chocolate). If the length of the myometrium is called adenomyosis (adenomyosis) "

Symptoms and complications of endometriosis, including menstrual pain, premenstrual to spotting or menorrhagia, infertility (ratio of endometriosis is about 3 to 5 percent of infertility will be), as well as disorders intestinal adhesions causing intestinal, flatulence, defecation stream, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

The reason for "endometriosis" four basic reasons

As to why there is endometriosis? Zhang Mingyang noted that the reasons include:

(1) countercurrent menstrual

Uterine contractions during the period in the annex to the expanded endometrial derived from the cervix, endometrium, but it is also pushed into the abdominal cavity through fallopian retrograde.

(2) The transport system of lymphatic blood

In addition, many endometrial tissues via the blood and lymph vessels in utero opening, transported to other parts of the body such as the lungs, stomach, bladder, rectum, lymph nodes.

(3) immunodeficiency

Endometrium during menstruation, running around the situation very often, but these pieces of fabric will soon be absorbed by the body's white blood cells and lymphocytes, few women body can not remove the excess endometrial tissue, so the endometrial tissue is growing in other parts of the body.

Impact (4) estrogen and menstruation

Endometriosis is usually only occurs in menstruating women, especially those who have traveled a lot of time when blood is not smooth line, such as cervical cancer, vaginal congenital obstruction, reflux of blood the situation will be more serious & # 39; oznym, is suffering the greater the likelihood of endometriosis , prolonged pregnancy or taking birth control pills who suffer from this disease with & # 39 is a low chance.

Treat "endometriosis" only by surgery?

So, endometriosis, how to treat?

Hsinchu branch, director of maternity National Taiwan University Hospital Tongbao Lin pointed out that, in addition to laparoscopic surgery through the use of electrosurgical or laser removal of propagation of ectopic tissue, adhesions, ectopic tumors or surgery, treatment of endometriosis with ease the pain and treatment infertility prevail "first principle drug therapy to achieve the goal without operation or delay operation, even surgery, the operation must be dovgatermino vai drug therapy to prevent relapse. "

She treated the 25-year-old patient, long suffering from endometriosis suffer, both sides have grown by more than 6 cm ovarian chocolate cyst, and the cyst is too big sticks in a big, which leads to severe menstrual pain and for the treatment, after surgical removal of the affected area, although borrowed, but it was only John & # 39; ektsyynyya menopause drug after six months, and six months after the repetition of the results. Due attention to future growth needs of the patient, a new oral progesterone therapy significantly relieve menstrual pain patients still continues to be a significant improvement in quality of life.

Zhang Mingyang also added that it should depend on the tumor length locations, as well as women age, birth plan to judge, he said that while the operation continues with the & # 39 is the most comprehensive and low recurrent way machine, but also to look at ovarian quality "patients anti-Mullerian hormone tube" (AMG) assessment, "disease total DC value of 2.0, if it is less than 2.0 should be carefully, may be less suitable for surgery."

How to define a common menstrual pain, or are likely to suffer from 'endometriosis'?

How to define a common menstrual pain, or may be suffering from 'endometriosis'?

Zhang Mingyang specified group of high risk of endometriosis include family history, partial exhausted woman "as well as with the onset of menstruation to the University of the pain did not improve women should pay attention to."He said that if a woman after the age of 20 years began to have menstrual pain or menstrual pain more severe baseline, each menstrual pain no longer is improved, it's time to stay alert may be caused by endometriosis is best to ask an experienced obstetrics and gynecology specialist for advice .

Zhang Mingyang also reminded the public,Prevention of endometriosis of the most important & # 39 is by early detection and early treatment of endometriosis occurs mostly under the age of 25 years, the proposed 20-year-old woman can go, in accordance with which an abdominal ultrasound,"Because patients do not face the sun menstrual pain, but later found a large cyst. If the whole of a normal woman,In addition, as a rule, recommend less than the consumption of foods that contain estrogen, such as chicken, soy products do not eat too much."

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