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NBA «Lin Bull! McCormack dislocated finger three weeks – Sports – if the ballot


Tyrannosaurus recent stay in space and time to play a lot of squeezing the Chinese guard Jeremy Lin, 31, announced the good news, Tyrannosaurus officially announced Houweimaike test bench due to a dislocated right thumb should wear orthoses over 3 weeks time which makes Hao Ge, or an opportunity to get more reuse of the remaining regular season and the playoffs!

Warriors are unhappy conditions for the restoration of the beginning of the season, and then throw Tyrannosaurus McCormack, this season has played 26 games, averaging 13.2 minutes played, averaging 2.7 points, 1.7 rebounds and 1 assists, although the performance is not eye-catching, but also takes into account not go Tyrannosaurus time few games in the backcourt, if not the next McCormack, Jeremy Lin evaluation can play for a while.

Currently Tyrannosaurus field after starting from a fixed truck, Dannigelin two, the first ball off the bench to an average of 27.3 minutes of playing time Fanweilite, let Jeremy Lin while playing with Lorie, Fanweilite two offended the more backward, a certain degree of compression, such as Ge Hao recently played five games on average only 16 minutes.

Now McCormack, probably the fastest to go to the playoffs the first two back, Jeremy Lin in the remaining six games of the regular season and playoffs, or hit more time so that he can have a good ability to grasp the opportunity to express themselves, after all came after a Tyrannosaurus, Hao Ge always feel poor, especially in the third hit rate of only 1 to 84.

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