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Wilderness Explorers RPG «Fate / Big Order Quest» down d & # 39; yablam to go out today to fight! "Fate / Grand Order -First order"


FGO PROJECT (Youxiankuaishe Notes, Ltd. Aniplex, DELiGHTWORKS Corporation) announced that the first type of wilderness exploration RPG in "Fate / Grand Order" brand "Fate / Grand Order Quest" is today (April 1) Is available for download for smartphone platforms.

※ It is currently only available for download in Japan.

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«Fate / Big Order Quest" from «Fate / Grand Order" among the birth of a new type of intelligence wilderness RPG. Players can use the shower after the overthrow receive "call card (Shi January U san – の ち ke ki)" collection equipment or props to help the adventure to defeat the evil Dr. & # 39; the devil as a goal. Incidentally, obtained by "calling card" can be used together with other imperial wizard (player) using the QR-code.

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game story

The world in the past, because the dragon is raging dark coating.

When all helpless, timid brave "Roma" comes out,

Although wood waste, but rather an effort to banish the darkness.

However, I do not know, when a sudden with & # 39; d appearance & # 39; the devil is going to remake the world into darkness.

Through spiritual son she was summoned to the transfer of the global imperial masters pedestrian

The king was forced to inherit the will of courageous Roma to win d & # 39; the devil "reputation" to fight.

the use of

In this, as in, knocked shower Keyihuode «cause the map." Simply use the "call card", you can always start a fight with the souls of records on the map. "Urge map" has a different degree of scarcity.

Open want to deal with the souls of "call" cards on the screen menu, select the "challenge" will be able to fight with him.

Share the map

Players start with a "calling card", can be used in conjunction with other players (Royal master) via QR-codes. Through the menu you can also directly "caused Maps & # 39; QR CODE contribute to Twitter, and can also be used to label #FGOQ confirmation.

For more information, refer to the section "/ Grand Order Quest Fate» official website confirmed.

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In memory of «Fate / Big Order Quest" is available for download, the Japanese version of «Fate / Grand Order", organized by «Fate / Large order listed Quest Remembrance." In the case, simply enter you can get 10 St. spar. (※ New players must be "at a certain point F inflammation urban pollution Fuyuki Section 3 1 & # 39; before they get a player can receive only once.).

  • During the event:The time in Japan April 1, 2019 AM 0: 00 ~ 23:59 April 2nd

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