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Ziyu family house and dance with unexpected & # 39; appearance of calm anxiety | Zhou Ziyu | double | distress


Washington, DC April 29, 2019 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Veh hearts were drawn up reports) popular South Korean female member Zhou Ziyu team twice Taiwan, today (29) evening at the official IG downloaded favorite holds his dog photos dog doll of the "distress", and in a short period dancing at home. However, a short film in the annex to love to dance Ziyu has attracted worldwide attention, is in the family & # 39; nd mirror also led supporter hot.

Ziyu today published an article with his dog puppet "distress (고민 중, former Zemin bell)" self-portrait, as well as some of her films at home, dancing and Korean and Chinese bilingual recording positive body said, "it's time to go home cinema this year, I know that at the same time you will learn to jump before the first few home? ".

In short, Ziyu in the living room dance, happy dance looks, attracts so many fans comments "sweet." However, in the mirror in the cinema three family members & # 39; and, in the face of stride Ziyu so happy dance, remains serene appearance, but also for the many supporters of a message says that the most interesting places of the film "something & # 39; I did not answer" (IG click on the arrow below to the right, you can see the video.).

Twice recently, being the seventh Zhang Hanwen mini album «FANCY YOU» Ziyu propaganda, they did not forget to thank the text at the end of chapter Once (the official name of the fan), wrote: "One day ~ Thank you also very supportive of this new album! This week we see music stations Hello ~ "

In addition, 16 this month, many advocates often face when it comes to «Sun Ziyu good sely," she pointed to the V LIVE own ideas. Ziyu said that he normally would have been happy just because the village does not want to upload a beautiful photo shoot too deliberate, but since it is only because Selmi happy, you will be very happy, so we should not look at the strict Ethernet her seoe.

To this end, after Ziyu download selh and video clips today, fans in the annex to praise Ziyu videos added twice and the new song "FANCY", as well as in the IG report flattering Ziyu seogo "very beautiful." The posts are published within two hours, they get more than 460,000 people from praise (love), more than 5,000 supporters of the message.

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