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& # 39; & # 39; Piyabut fire! Ratification his future supreme power belongs to the people


new future

& # 39; & # 39; Piyabut fire! Ratification his future supreme power belongs to the people

March 31, Mr. A.Kanokov Thai Party Secretary Piyabut light. new future Said the signing of the Declaration that ratification of the new Tory party asserts that the party conference at the weekend that the new members and candidates of the future of the party.

We have received ex-President of the Parliament of Uta hit. And former president of the Constituent Assembly delivered a speech entitled "The MPs are fighting for democracy" and to be trained on how to prepare and recommendations of deputies under the heading "What to do, when the deputies

After that, the future deputies lots more. Including me and you Thanathorn. Jungrungreangkit signed a declaration ratified 5 jointly prepare for work in the next House of Representatives. For deputies. As public With democracy

So the future of the party members, everyone must understand that if it does not have the deputies of the maximum power of the people

Deputies from the & # 39 are the only one using state power comes from the people's choice. While the other items on purpose I ask that all members are proud to use the legislative power of 6.2 million votes that the party come. This is the hope of people who want us to work for him. We want a new political path. MPs want to see us as opposed to the past.

It is a voice that needs to change. When we got the mandate at that time. It all boils down to the need for better political policies, which have been available to the public. or

  • NBC finished the continuity of power.
  • army reform
  • Cancel the effects of the coup
  • Preparation of a new constitution, etc.

All this is the covenant that we offer, and we will never change the person.

The new party will bind together the ideology. With the same conviction, I personally believe that the future of the party members realized that the candidates together all members of the Party groups across the country. Help and work together. To create a new political dimension

The signing of the Declaration on the ratification Even without the force of law. But a new tack means that we start with the political ideology of hope, we will not betray the trust of the people for a new future. We will work for all people. Even if you choose or not choose our time.

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