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"After all, Coach," announced his resignation from office. Head coach of FC.


Head coach announced his resignation after the results were not consistent with the objectives.

Jakrapan spun year

"After all, Coach» Jakrapan spin-year head coach of FC announced his resignation from the official position. After successfully led the army, "Shark" is not working as planned. In the past,

spacer "Shark" in the 10th in the table with 15 points from 13 games, including a final cup. A key goal Chang FA Cup and Toyota have already been eliminated.

"After all, Coach" has decided to retire. To demonstrate its commitment to the mail command. Through Facebook «The club has to move forward."

In addition, "the coach After all," also adding that interviews & # 39; S. "The inability to lead the team. Performs a matter of course, it should be possible for the club to find a coach who is able to do it anyway, so I went with the position, hoping to give the team to do a better job. The remainder of the first stage and second stage. "

For the next match FC will meet with the SCG Muang Thong United in the Cup Thailand 2019 Toyota League Game 14, Sunday, June 16 .. It.

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