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Against the background of global warming A risk of an asteroid hitting the Earth. The human race to hold on to another century or not – the news.


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Emergency focused this new but not yet born when 66 million years ago.

Against the background of global warming A risk of an asteroid hitting the Earth. The human race to hold on to another century or not – BBC Thailand.

We humans tend to be faced with the end of time as dinosaurs or dodo or not. This is a question that many people are curious.

Currently, the human race face the danger that threatens our existence amount on this planet, or & # 39 is this climate change. Nuclear war, epidemic, or even a giant asteroid could hit Earth.

In this article, David Edmonds, said philosopher and radio host. Talk with experts to analyze the main risk factors that threaten the world and discover how we can fix it. Or avoid these risks or not. Key questions to answer human race would last a hundred years or not.

"The risk for human survival" is.

Period Dodo bird image, is now extinct.
Getty Images For many animals went extinct come from ancient times. Why do people have no right to do the same end.

Oundle Dr. George Sand Bear with researchers from the Institute of the Hereafter, Oxford University of Oxford, said: "The risk to the survival of the person poses a threat to human existence or the children. our grandchildren "

By the mid-20th century, people used to think that we live in a world with a & # 39 is safe. But it is not that I will not today.

What is shocking is, the risk to the survival of humanity. There are many different categories below.

Asteroid hitting Earth

apocalyptic interpretation of the artist's situation - a swarm of asteroids moving toward the Earth.
Getty Images investigations of an international group of scientists. This indicates that the world is faced with a huge meteorite crashed often. For almost 300 million years ago.

Until the 1980s, we never thought that the world is faced with a serious & # 39; oznay disaster like a hammer blow from space.

But scientists are father and son Luis and Walter Alvarez Lopez replaced the idea of ​​the whole, if they publish the hypothesis that dinosaurs become extinct from Earth asteroid impact.

This hypothesis is confirmed by the recently agreed international group of scientists. This part of the opening of the giant impact basin near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico tonnes.

However, those stubborn people who care about the risk to the survival of the world suggests that the ability to impact the asteroid's death is still far from reality. Compared with the risks that arise from the hands of man.

World overflow population depletion of natural resources and the climate change

Two children walk the melting of glaciers in Iceland.
Getty Images «Inhibition of climate change will be possible. If the world's population ceased to grow. "

"Most people recognize the risks associated with climate change," Dr Karin Kuhn came researchers from University College London (UCL) said.

"But it will not be big news. As well as natural resources are being depleted. This is a question that makes us feel bad. So we decided not to think about it. "

"But, as with other risk factors that can lead humanity to a premature death. The problem of climate change and the depletion of natural resources, it is related, "Dr. Kuhn came and said:" It is the fault of people like us. "

"Climate change & # 39 is one of the aspects of the problem of world overpopulation. Including natural resource depletion problems It is also relevant. While natural resources are depleted. We used as a fuel for the fact that our resources are not used. And climate change makes it worse again, "said Dr Kuhn and others.

She is also identified with a Inhibition of climate change will be possible. If the world's population does not increase.

biodiversity is destroyed

A bee collects pollen from a white flower.
Getty Images decline of bee populations creates a concern for scientists.

We humans live on that killing animals as well as "poor".

But research shows that certain pieces of evidence. By the middle of this century we will not be able to catch fish in the sea at a level sufficient for commercial fishing more. This means that we will not have any fish to buy in the village store. I do not eat fish more food for us.

Insects Other animals begin to disappear quietly, like some bird species have disappeared from the natural insects because they eat from nature.

Dr. Kuhn has been said that we do not know what the impact of this biodiversity will be destroyed like. But he is confident that it will adversely adab & # 39; etsya our human race.


Interpretation of the artist on the flu virus.
Influenza virus Getty Images and mutant & # 39 is a problem that scientists face constantly.

Dr. Lalita dog star with zero risk to the survival of mankind in Cambridge. And the study of the biological risk assessment.

She said that the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, which has been estimated that about half the world's population at the time this type of infection. Causing loss of between 50-100 million people.

Spread of the disease usually occurs when the migration. People are returning from the war, and lived together in a crowded area.

Thus, even today, we can develop a vaccine better, but in a globalized world, it brings a risk as well.

During the Spanish flu outbreak. People travel by train and boat. But in the modern era, when people are traveling by plane is convenient. Different diseases may spread quickly. And it can lead to a major accident.

The threat of another person

Images of the rescue teams treating the victims at the Tsukiji subway station in Tokyo, after the attack of sarin gas on the doomsday Aum Supreme Truth (Aum).
Getty Images March 20, 1995 Aum Shin spit member may cause the release of sarin gas in the Tokyo subway. Thus, killing at least 12 people and injuring many others. He then tried to attack crime with hydrogen cyanide, but many of them failed.

The risk to the survival of humanity, people have created most of the unintentional.

But science and technology has progressed. This raises concerns about the possibility that people who do not have good reason to attack large-scale damage. For instance, cultivation of the virus in the laboratory using synthetic biology.

Dr. Phil Torres from Institute Hereafter says that if "end of the world" is not really a lot less to push it. Where these groups may include religious extremists, the FDA believes that we are commanded by God to destroy the world. In order to save the world as cassia Aum Shin students.

Meanwhile, Dr. Torres says that we are faced with the risk group of people who are motivated people to become extinct in response to personal reasons, such as those that do not cause trouble shooting pages.

This group may wish to eliminate the human race, to put an end to their hands. if I write in the journal openly

But how are these people anyway. Some experts expect Currently, there are anti-social behavior and those with psychosis were about 300 million people around the world. And many of them can be a threat to them.

nuclear war

Mushroom cloud after the explosion of the French atomic bomb on Mururoa Atoll, also known as Aopuni. 1971. Since 1996 1966until this was a French site for 193 bombs that exploded first aspirated, then underground. French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean.
Getty Images A nuclear war can not kill the whole world. But the consequences can be.

Dr. Seth From the Institute of Global catastrophic risks Bombardier, Institute. Studies and research on natural hazards, that the burning of the city was bombed by a nuclear attack would lead dust to spread in the cloud. And the atmosphere

Dust that may persist for decades. And block sunlight to the ground.

The extinction of mankind by a nuclear war can be the result of the total damage resulting from a nuclear explosion immediately. stagnant economy and the impact on the global environment

artificial intelligence

Skull and crossbones danger sign or piracy with binary ones and zeros of computer code. Concept image for online piracy, hacking, online fraud and similar threats.
Getty Images is possible or not, we humans could lose control of AI completely.

Risk of artificial intelligence (AI) comes in many forms, such as the risk that the system can be automated algorithms of global stock markets fell by accident. This has led to serious & # 39; oznaga economic crisis. Or a person can lose control of the brand AI.

One example of the & # 39 is that the experts concerned. Video editing technology, realistically than Deepfake Catalonia, which uses the editing of famous people come to see, how to say or do anything that is necessary to manufacturers.

Criminals can produce a video of the world leaders who once again threaten the world leader. This can lead to tensions between the two nuclear superpowers, the Organization About the & # 39; the United Nations is not in & # 39 is.

Modern technology has made significant progress. And even more difficult to identify all the time.

We will reduce the risk to human survival, however.

Against the background of global warming

Getty Images / NASA
The future is in the hands of each of us.

Our civilization is in danger much. Experts note that it depends on the threat.

The main thing we need to understand is. Our future is not fixed or permanent. Thus, we can do something now. To help our species can survive in the next.

Dr. Barry Sands. Works that future machines under the control of men.

Other professionals who strive for Engineering Geology. To address climate change. Putting dust into the atmosphere.

Or find a way to survive, "Nuclear winter" (nuclear winter), which refers to a condition in which extreme cold after firing a nuclear bomb attacks alone. As a result, the accumulation of dust on the Earth's atmosphere. The sun is shining, and not on the surface where it can not photosynthesis of plants to grow. And to get people to rely on the power of the mushroom products.

Dr. Coon came to this opinion. The main thing is that we need to correct in order to prevent the extinction of the human race. To stop the increase in the world's population, "We need to change social values ​​regarding the family & # 39; and. The break with the idea that we all have the right to have children, and a lot of resources consumed as much as we want. "

This is something that we can help prevent catastrophic will happen to the planet and our species.

People rarely seeing and practices are often not adapted to the new generation interests.

But Dr. Michael Kuhn said that if the 21st century & # 39 is the last century of our. It is absolutely necessary to deal with human survival risk of more serious & # 39; ozna.

This article was taken from the list Will people survive the century? David Edmonds, which is broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

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