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Anne Tongprasom rounded to buy wedding 20000000 study suggests putting eggs. Plan to have children


Anne Tongpras ward off buying a new home of the bride. But people do not buy long-term exposure study shows plan to lay eggs to have children. I have moments already a mother.

He is seen as an actress and presenter at people. Anne Thongprasom In order to see the new house he bought. Many people may look at it as a wedding called the favorite. thin Federation It's not news that house prices of up to 20 million baht, too.

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Buying a new home How's that?
Anne Tongpras:
The first step to the house is designed to be a mother, and the mother is not, so we bought a house and shot them. What is a wedding Our apartment is finished. I bought a house, where he landed. I will cherish our clothes, we also have a dog, a cat, as planned.

Many joked that the wedding?
Anne Tongpras:
In fact, as our own. Wedding make you thing we as women have to sit back, do not go out of their money. Luxury, but he was willing to stay close to home, and I had to make a wedding house. Because of his mother's property section. But have not yet started to build, because it does not come, we were a little that could be built at all. If he intends to keep the wedding.

Design, we like the same taste. it will be when the house was built by them. We adapt to everything except the bed, dressing shoes to be easy. Personally, we were exhausted we are together, it's gone. And we came up with the habit of the order.

Photo from Instagram annethong

New house we go. Many a sneak at what is likely to reach 20 million?
Anne Tongpras:
It is assumed that this village has a large area and is located on Sukhumvit Road. The fact bought 7-8 years, but no one knew. At this price it will not be, but now it can touch it.

Plans are already on the ball, is not it?
Anne Tongpras:
It's a dream to have a dog, a cat, a fish that is to raise a child. I have a loving mother may be the hormone that makes us feel like a child. In addition, we work in all aspects. We also wanted to be a mother. I have to wait for studies and plans to leave the eggs. In this case, you should go to see. The doctor told us strong. no problem P beloved by many children. And Anne, that it depends on me. If there were no problems.

Update history drama. Breast almost broken love her husband?
Anne Tongpras: the remaining lots It sounds simple, but it's a romantic drama. We need a little Io. In contrast to the drama of the middle of the same end. But now it reached halfway. Another issue is that many people still do not exist. She released part – music for some people, I think. Statement afraid so. It was really worth it because of the cash drawer. I believe that people will see when any tender drama.

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Photo from Instagram annethong

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Photo Anne Thongprasom rounded to buy wedding 20000000 study suggests putting eggs. Plan to have children

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