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"Aspirin" crush "MRTA. – Highway "terminated Phuket 10 days trains overlap node in an attempt to speed up the opening of this year.


Mr and Mr T Siri Kantr sulfur, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA.) Says that the progress of the project or light rail Phuket. Investment 39.406 billion baht project meeting with Mr. Pailin keeps Chote. Permanent Deputy Minister of Transport, MRTA. Let us now discuss details of the project. On the lanes to three lanes is still sensitive compasses Thepkassatri Thao – .. Thao Sri Rd Srisoonthorn and cost of the project with the Department of Highways (NH) This also disagree on some issues. Brief within 10 days, and then return to the new presentation.

"The Deputy Minister said, the principles Pairin. Project tram (light rail) requires the area on route 402 (calls Khokkloy – Phuket) or Thepkasattri Road. The problem is so much traffic to Seattle. In order to come to an understanding that new. Original highway road (highway) which may be used for acceleration. To change to the way in urban areas (urban) may need to be adjusted to the speed limit again. The speed limit of 90 km / h to 60 km / hour instead. "

Tram form of a preliminary nature, tracking the parallel land. Since a lot of raised structures resist Calcination region can have. As BRT services on Central Railway, Tram If the car is over the other band it can be used to play in the tram (Share Lane).

After making the summary within 10 days in accordance with the schedule. If no increase in the budget It is part of the process of creating the report, as the PPP, if the budget change. There must be a new cost calculation.

. As a result, policy management and planning, transport and traffic (OTP) & # 39; Ve studied the form suitable for the light rail system, tram breaks, Building 2 Stage 1 Airport – Chalong 41,7. km in length and 2 at the time of the nuns – City 16.8 km

MRTA., Will begin construction of Phase 1 has 21 stations on the ground level, 19 aboveground stations one station and an underground one station investment 34,827.28 million baht redemption price is 1,521,000 baht del Capo 46 acres in the station payment system Lotus Thalang. Electricity and curve civil 17.797 billion baht MRT 9.508 billion baht convoy ensure started 2492 million baht on & # 39 facility to connect to 13.65 million baht on the salaries of consultants working project 303 million baht wage. Project Management Consultants 1,452,000,000 Baht 1,737,000 Baht and error.

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