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Championship debut F. Hamilton Bahrain – Al Amazing Thailand before hand killed.



Formula race or F. Field 2 "2019 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix» The Manama, Bahrain March 31 last world champion Lewis Hamilton of Britain five days Mercedes Valdez decision. Engine fault displacement won the first pitch of the season to win a time of 1: 34 :. 21 295 h cutting Valle estate Abbottabad eyes Finnish riders. Mercedes team-mate Anders just 2.980 seconds.

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Driver Charles Le Claire from Monaco, 21, from the Ferrari team. Who captured the pole position accuracy. To wait for his first championship next stop after the third.

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"Charles does, unfortunately. He rode very well We have to work hard to keep them together in the back, "Hamilton said 74 to win after Michael Parker holds the record of all time in 17 Grand Prix.

By Charles Le leaving the podium from the first point extra time raid in 1: 33.411-minute lap 38.

Racing pedigree Thailand Alexander Al Oregon Aagsu Singh, who has just celebrated its birthday: 23 years of damping team Scuderia Toro Rosso Maria Honda finished second out of 9 points in the first race of the day F..

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