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COMMART CONNECT 2019 28 – 31 March 2562 at BITEC, the new value is greater than a complete new ICT market.


Mrs. Eumporn clear intelligence Chief Executive Plc., AG SP. Mentioned in the opening comments Mart Connection 2019 "said that after the elections shopping atmosphere reopens. Commart well prepared in all aspects. This will include their 19th year, this year also marks the 50th event Commart well. We must invent his new job. Or & # 39 is the place and the concept. In particular, a change of place in the Convention Center, BITEC. There is a great opportunity to open up the market to new consumers with purchasing power in an emergency. Sukhumvit and Srinakarin grams years. This will be a convenient alternative to both train and car. Part of the area took place in the hall of 98-99, a total of more than 14, 000 square meters, which can accommodate more exhibits different styles as well. Called to the new format. Since the event, as well as in all areas, ever.

Com Mart Connect 2019 was held with the concept. «Connected Life experience is limitless." The idea of ​​using the new digital life by cutting edge innovation. The trend set in the digital lifestyle. The opening of a special digital pavilion because the country is moving in a completely assembled with 5G Internet of Things or ions with the outstanding development. Io has been used in several sectors in Thailand. We present the progress 5G and Eeyore through the development and success, and it actually works. The final acquisition technology associated with the life of the connection (Connected Life) is much more to come in this area. With the support and assistance of a number of institutions, including the NBTC. Association of Thailand Io. Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) MG cars Bank AIS and righteous Bflix Bangkok CT. Thailand so that people can experience a living relationship with the world of technology. That is, there are no borders anymore. And this time, he expanded the target group of visitors from Chennai Express. Group Gen Y This will be a key market for the future. Organizers and partners are working together to ensure that the IT market will grow in Thailand this year, and with the & # 39 is very active from the beginning of the bright. I believe that this event & # 39 is an important forum of all the latest innovations that benefit in combination with a platform to promote and stimulate the ICT services market. "

Mr.Pornchai Monday Supachai light Director of IT and digital media business. . Plc, AR, IP, said: "In order to celebrate this event in a 50-Planet Mart. ARC IP preparatory work on this important partnership with the leading brands in the field of ICT. Remodel jobs ICT market. Our life in Thailand in the fourth connection.

  • ICT market a major new high-tech products to meet the full cost of the new global stage. Ready to contact the owner first. Since smart phones, laptops, drones and gadgets are much more intelligent. Along with promotional activities Shares, with & # 39 are specific to the event.
  • Trend Life Connected, to enjoy the best of the deal, then. Commart is also a tendency to set Potter on the digital life experience zone "Digital Pavilion" opened digitally enhanced touch the first 5 Technology Group Life Connect is true in Thailand, which consists of a smart government. Smart Home, Smart Car, Smart Life with Smart Security and activities. Seminars knew must on all four days.
  • Activities to learn about the world of technology is infinite.
    • Creating intelligent robots found JIMU writing code for children. To become a new member of the family & # 39; and. Free trial version on the stand UBTEC C1.
    • DELL EMC Photo Booth Activities Technical Products rather bang my clients and has sales online by professional photographer Stock.
    • "Smart Car Showcase" special area, smart car from MG to you in contact with a high-tech training closely.
  • new compromise Commart customers in particular.
    • «SELPHY 360", to enjoy the activities that do not come to envy to shoot and share a beautiful 360 degrees in social work for free.
    • COMMART BIG BONUS success of many high-tech car first MG 3 Com Mart. With big prizes of more than 620.000 MG 3 bat smart coupons to purchase a vehicle according to the rules and prizes.
    • «QueQ a big bonus" service for Commart real fans. This improves the convenience of not having to wait in line to register for the sweepstakes, coupons COMMART BIG BONUS applications QueQ ».

Work COMMART CONNECT 2019 «Connected Life experience is limitless," 28 – 31 March 2562 at 10.00. H. – 20:00, with free admission comfortable track activity BITEC Bangna Bangna overground Shares and additional information, www.facebook.. com / CommartThailand

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