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"Decline. Ink »Thailand confirmed riders are doing their best to earn points. "Olympic Games"


"Blame". Cartridges. Gen .. Deja Hem rabbit Sri Sports Association of Thailand said that the progress of the bike race distance international list of "Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Cup Tour of Thailand 2019" trophy king. Princess Sirindhorn's chakra Sirindhorn Which will be held from April 1-10, the person tag team. Competition April 1-6 route Phitsanulok -. Sukhothai – Uttaradit – Phrae – NAS – Phayao – Chiang Mai, a total length of 974.53 km section of the women's team. Competition between 8-10 April routes in Chiang Mai., And e. Lamphun, a total length of 247.80 km. Rider of the latest profit Phitsanulki. Completely discharged, ready to Rosewood in the first stage. 1 April to Phitsanulok. in the package. Uttaradit.

Gen .. Deja said. The first man tag team match. The athletes of the national team and professional teams cycling Thailand "Thailand continental breakfast team" is fully ready. Whose own testimonies, and charge for it. I'm doing everything possible to as full host athletes. I want to be ranked 1-20 points qualifies for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. But if the results are ranked 1-10 will be even better. Since the first to score 125 points in a 20 to 3 vote, which is quite different. Despite the fact that it is hard work We have seen a lot of athletes, world-class ships. But let's make the best of your ability.

"This race is in addition to the collection points before the Olympic Games in 2020, but also the development of tourism policy deputy Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT. Each team, when it comes to Phitsanulok. Athletes and officials will check to send images and text messaging. application functionality. The social network of friends and relatives, he saw how well this country. Also during the tournament to keep track of foreign sportsmen of the country. It has views of the various provinces and the way across the finish line of each stage. With broadcast live via Facebook. Thailand PBS channel. These emissions & # 39 are a natural attraction. Attractions that reflect the culture of Thailand. And historic sites for the world to see that Thailand has a lot of good. I'm sure that will promote tourism in Thailand, as well as "Maj Gen .. Deja said.

Jin Shan Chau, chairman of the Chinese judges. Who was appointed by the International Cycling Federation (CIA) to act in the race "Tour of Thailand 2019", he says that the tournament runs smoothly. no problems Sport Association of Thailand. Prepare all. I am sure that this competition will lead to the achievement of the goals set for sure.


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