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Dentistry, jaw and face. Alternative treatment for patients with the division.


A person with a & # 39 is that of several components, including the vital organs of the body. Because every day have to meet a few people. Restless Dismemberment congenital disease, cleft lip and palate or disease problems. Caused by various diseases I had to cut some organs, such as the face, ears, eyes, teeth, jaw, jaw, mouth will affect the personality and confidence to go along with it.

Hospital in the choice of Bangkok in the treatment of dental and jaw face. (Oral Prosthesis), to help make up for what is lost on the face to create artificial or prosthesis to the patient. In order to provide quality of life to improve. Nearby is the body of the original.

Dr. North. Suchada Kongkiat lilies. Major reconstruction dental prosthetics oral and maxillofacial hospitals in Bangkok that provides dental, jaw and face. Maxillofacial Surgery with & # 39 is a branch of dentistry. Using a wide range of knowledge to invent or create artificial organs. To help correct the anomalies of the face, jaw and mouth to help patients who have lost facial organs back to life as usual. The reason for making facial prostheses and oral questions patients in 3 main ways: 1. Patients with congenital abnormalities (congenital absence) disorders such as cleft lip and palate. There is only one ear. 2. Patients random dismemberment (Trauma) patients who have had an accident and failure and subsequent partition of 3 patients with cancer (cancer).

Treatment is divided into prostheses in the mouth (intraoral) will account for the main speech to speech, swallowing, chewing, making an artificial ceiling. Swallow device Voting tools, etc. The material used for the acrylic strength in accordance with the impression, both inside and outside. Methods and procedures of artificial organs. Process is complicated by oral prosthesis duration of about one month, while maintaining prosthesis outside the mouth (Extraoral) regardless of aesthetics is important. And look to the nature, size, color, shape and material used silicone flexible. The process is not complicated Based on patient satisfaction important, for example, orbit, nose, ears to cranial implant, etc. It also includes an artificial body parts such as fingers, hands, arms or legs, but not artificially. The duration of the prosthesis approximately 2-4 weeks.

Eta. Wealth valiant dental prosthetics Distinction such standards. Major reconstruction of oral and maxillofacial hospitals in Bangkok, said the process of artificial organs in the face and mouth. Primary care physicians understand the patient for the procedure to do this. Then start 1) printed on the face organs missing. Or printed inside and outside the mouth 2) Place the trays in the region where there is no body. If the printed material is difficult to pull out. This measure may also depend on other organs. To view the profile synchronization.

3) the establishment of specialized dental prosthetics on his face and a beautiful virtual size of the patient's organs, and 4) the patient's dentist dentures. Try to be patient and see how it compared to when the prosthesis is on the patient, actually. It will look like? In general, everything was fine and suitable for most patients.

The patient should give priority to the maintenance of prosthetics on his face and mouth with a clean properly. On the advice of a dentist strictly. Because it involves a lifetime and should see a dentist for a check on the following face prosthesis and mouth regularly.

Advantages of artificial organs whether to & # 39; is to help restore the beauty of the subject Provide the patient's life to get back. And restore patients' quality of life. The difficulty of treatment. (Oral Surgery) is a detailed section on the face is important. function Patients who need to use a number of old and beautiful as possible. Or in the case of patients who need artificial eyeball. These are small details such as the size of the black eye sclera even parts of the blood vessels in the eye of the patient, the doctor is not released out of sight. This section is intended to ensure that the patient sees the problem as an example.

Information in this section allows doctors to communicate with patients directly. The creation of artificial organs, as an art and as an adjunct to the preservation of organs in the body disappears. It also helps to treat patients with heart disease as well. In some patients, the prosthesis loses many of which are linked together as an artificial nose artificial eye doctor will examine and artificial prosthesis replacement, respectively.

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