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Department of Health – Department of Corrections prison health in prison – a prison 17 pilot.


on 30 April. Dr. Suva Chai Watana Brahmins. Director-General for Prevention and Control of diseases Pol .. B. Rasht alabaster Rananand Department of Corrections. The launch of the joint project "Today, a healthy society," Youth Center Correction Pathum Thani. Bodies, international organizations, including the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), UNAIDS, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Red Cross Health Department Provincial (MP e.) Pathum Thani. youth detention center and departments at the Department of Health to participate.

MD. Mr. Suva said the project back to a healthy society. This collaboration between the Department of Disease Control and Prevention. And improvements to the monitoring of the health status of prisoners to be released. To fulfill the mission God Worawong it. his Gospel Soamsavali mother granddaughter of King Steiner said that he accepted the invitation, served as a goodwill ambassador. Organization of the program & # 39; the United Nations on AIDS, prevention of HIV in the Asia-Pacific region (UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for HIV prevention in the Asia-Pacific region) and son. HRH Pat Kitty En He served as a goodwill ambassador to promote the rule of law and criminal justice systems in the region of Southeast Asia. Office on Drugs and Crime (Control Organization & # 39; the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – UNODC) Organization About & # 39; the United Nations, both of which he decided to improve the lives of the prisoners. In particular, works and services related to HIV and other aspects. jail

«DDC and corrections to jointly prepare a plan to speed up the solution of the issue of HIV in prisons. Key measures include Article 7 1. Promoting awareness, using mechanisms peer into prison. To take a closer look (peer) 2. Blood test counseling and voluntary. 3. Facilitating access to prisoners condoms 4. Promoting access to antiretroviral therapy for HIV-positive prisoners living with HIV and AIDS. 5. Development of preventive care services, complete and continuous. 6. Development of the prisoners taken by the participation of the organization and outside. 7. Research and development of appropriate forms of AIDS prevention in prisons. Activities in this program include: 1. common diseases. 2. Screening for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C virus and chest X-ray 3. advice and health tips, such as the promotion of antiretroviral drugs to prevent HIV infection. (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) and 4. The exhibition of medical knowledge. The event with the & # 39 is the launch of a total of 17 prisons and detention centers and provide health screening is carried out in all prisons throughout the country to "the doctor said. Mr. Suva.

Pol .. B. Rush, said Department of Corrections in 2562 in Thailand with inmates in prisons than 386,000 people each month with prisoners were released about 3,000 of these prisoners, about 5,000 people were found in the past. Prisoners patients with diseases such as AIDS, venereal diseases, tuberculosis, diabetes, hypertension, etc. In addition, it was found that some prisoners died in prison. Because of the delicate health of the population of prisoners. With the state of the prison closed. There are a lot of prisoners, as well. health risk. Screening is necessary to maintain the health of prisoners in jail and was released to the monitoring, prevention and control of diseases, as well as patients in need of medical care. And inside the prison and the treatment of external services. In order to improve the quality of life of prisoners have a healthy body and mind are ready to work and feed their seven & # 39; and later acquitted. Restoration of a healthy society.


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