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Detailed drill 4 additional cards dealt to the 2562 measure, how much you can do.


Maps common welfare state! Press statements 13200 4000000 sandbags to increase revenue less Czechs measures that do not qualify for extra money.

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After the government is the welfare gift card or cardholder poor cost of government support. The cost of electricity, water, rent, and a trip to the hospital last day (April 30, 2562) is also good news for the owners are always poor. The Ministry of Finance will inject 13.2 billion baht stimulus budget in 2562. With an increase in the limit on the card to receive less round by four strokes. But who would benefit them. We already know the details.

1. Increase the amount of the purchase of 500 baht per month.

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authority : Maps of each welfare state 14.5 million.

Increasing the limit on purchases in stores Blue civil flag.500 baht per month And every 2 months.

– income of less than 30,000 baht per year ever exceeded 300 baht per month. It will receive an additional amount of 200 baht. A total of 500 bata

– Profit from THB 30,000 to 100,000 baht per year: 200 baht per month amount ever paid.Each received an additional sum of 300 baht. A total of 500 bata

This will add money to the card of the welfare state. In May – June 2562 In order to pay the first installment on May 1, 2562.

2. Assistance to parents during the semester 500 baht.

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authority Parents whose children are enrolled in high school to the number of 2.7 million.

Paid 500 baht for 1 child. (Unlimited number of children) received a single penny or before May 15, 2562, to buy school uniforms and school supplies given during the semester.

3. Farmers subsidy THB 1,000

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authority Farmers who are registered in the Ministry of Agriculture 4.1 million.

Paid 1000 baht for one. 15 mine in 2562 as the cost of buying the date of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture materials.

4. disability premiums increased by 200 baht.

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authority People with disabilities who are registered with this ID number, 1.16 million people with disabilities.

In order to raise money for people with disabilities an additional 200 baht per month. From May – September 2562 Time, which will have to transfer money to the card within 15 days of each month of the cost of medical care and transportation of the disabled.

Nevertheless, the poor receive more cards. cause that

4 Such measures prepaid cards for the welfare of the state electorate. The amount that you can make more goods and services with a blue flag, civil status. Shops and other participating at all.

But the amount that can be removed in the form of cash through ATM Bank of Thailand has only three measures, namely. help parents help farmers Premiums and Disabled

allowance for the accommodation of its flagship store in the sky. You can not be withdrawn as cash.

Those who adhere to the state of well-being, and conditions have been qualified by the various measures, be sure to check the details ready. In order to get more money to help them.

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