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For Prof. organized a puppet theater. honor of Princess Sirindhorn


For Professor conscience to bow in grace. Princess Sirindhorn Doll in honor of the Golden Swan in "Swan International, the risk that in the future."

Mr. Peerapornratana Peace John Wood, director of the Princess Maha Chakra Sirindhorn Anthropology Center. (Public Organization) (Prof. Villensdadut.) Referred to in honor of the royal birth. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn years. Chakra Sirindhorn 2 April 2562 on the ice. Nasal sense of divine grace. Cultural show in honor of HRH Princess Sirindhorn years. Chakra Sirindhorn set up the puppet of the Golden Swan in "Swan risk, the Golden Kite» puppet Mrs.Charinrat. Control is not carried out her decorator sustainable bromine senior teacher of singing, Wang Chong until the end of the exhibition and the artists inspired displays to dance Thailand. In honor of HRH Princess Sirindhorn years. Chakra Sirindhorn gave primacy form Supreme patronage of English Heritage and Thailand Hanging rules, Painter, talent manifests itself in many fields of technology. In particular, Thailand's unique musical performances at the national level to April 2 at 17:00 and 19:00 h. In the audience of ice. Reserve in. www.sac.or.th or Facebook bursa Bank anthropological data.

Mr. Larsen said Sirirat Lord Highness Princess Sirindhorn years. Chakra Sirindhorn gave care to dance music and Thailand. He also takes care of puppet character. If learning to dance Mrs.Charinrat body was egged Purple puppet dedicated to him on February 25th. Last. And we intend to manipulate a puppet in honor. Acting unilaterally Suva In order to preserve the ancient outstanding in conjunction with the puppet theater, which was popular during the period of Ayutthaya. TV shows featuring over 30 presentations to life in love with the Golden Swan Suriig head. There is a tradition of literature Thailand believes that the cast. Including images thanks as well. There is also a special music doll n & # 39; EU by Ancient dance styles Furthermore, the Council had to be cut. Embroidered number of new shares from the complex to the most beautiful. In order to distribute the award and implementation of mitigation culture of His Majesty's activities related to the promotion of art continues to this day.

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