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Jealous ex-police Savage holding a knife to cut off my girlfriend. Luxury car accident and died again.


The former head of the village, 60-year-old girl holding a knife to cut. Generating your own karaoke hurt enough to drive a luxury car accident death of jealousy after seeing the node to sit down with the customer in the store …

At 4:30 h. 31 62-Mar-Pol .. True. Inspector I doctoral Police Department duty Province. Tho. California prompted a car accident death. Because the next karaoke Tho along the road – .. In Samut Songkhram Mouthpiece Mouthpiece said Pol .. The Rittirong visit the main mouthpiece of the pharmacist and Pol .. True Noppachai always JITT Swp.sp …. tho to digest.

Benz brand trucks at the site found that the gold plate number 414 Bangkok. Down forward acceleration to the front foot pat karaoke. Found under the car was crushed by the bike was damaged units 3 and found that died trapped under a car accident. Later the name was gut & # 39; m Miss KITTI 41-year-old owner of a karaoke bar above. State funerals there were no traces of a knife stabbed in the left chest, the abdomen, left hand and runs until the head early in the filling was not surprised, and cracked his skull.

There is also a car that is damaged 2 cars Honda sedan, white, registration number KK 2888 in Bangkok. Condition with & # 39 is that behind. All BMW sedan and a registration number orange than 3, 9999 in Bangkok. Condition with & # 39 is that behind.

Those who cause problems, Mr. Ravi Lucky Jim Chanon, 60, a former village headman in. Wong firecrackers in. Phleng District. Ratchaburi in police custody, to appease the police. Mouthpiece for n & # 39; yanstva difficult.

For those who are up to date. Those who cause the death of a fan. The victim then opened a restaurant. And a restaurant with karaoke Before the accident the deceased was sitting talking to children in the store and the customer who owns the saloon car, which was damaged two cars, and then Mr. Ravi or elder Spears was driving a Mercedes Benz car parked in front of the store. And the fact that the client must sit down with the dead in the store. It was a dispute with the deceased. Since the symptoms of jealousy and out of the store to pick up the car, armed with a knife entered the store will cut the victim several times.

The victim tried to run away from the store. Before the collapse of customers inside the cabin. The village has not lost Champion protested. According to retreat until a BMW sedan wholly parked on the street and went forward. Run into the body of Ms. Kittima collapse Aadk ๊ abpig attached to a motorcycle parked three cars pat on the leg. As a result, Ms. Kittima Aadk ๊ abpig were killed

Initially charged with murder, attempted murder and dangerous driving. As a result, the property of others were damaged. And drunk driving jealous former police detained up to atrocities continued.

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