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Lazada celebrates 7th Anniversary great record, e-commerce, again with «Shoppertainment».


Lazada Leading e-commerce and "Shoppertainment" In Southeast Asia, trusted buyer 318 million visitors during the event celebrating the birthday of 7 years from the customers to buy and watch the game through APPS Lhasa comments during a birthday celebration for up to a week. direct broadcast traffic Super Star Plaza batch of these world class artists held their first visit to the shopping extravaganza for 24 hours on March 27 last year.

Posada Plaza filled with the company celebrates birthday with a record of 7 years of full entertainment to e-commerce platform or Shoppertainment. In order to test a new model for its customers. Successful sales throughout Southeast Asia grew by 15 times within 24 hours. The annex to discounts and coupons for shopping through various games. In the application, and then profusely. Lhasa, Prada also brings experience in technology and management infrastructure. In order to offer a live stream of the concert singer award Grammy. Hot generation Dua Lipa (Lipa Dua) ​​hits movie stars and pop throughout the region. (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and in the & # 39; etnam), which had an audience of 12 million views via the app Lhasa Florida. And live on television in Indonesia and in the & # 39; etname.

Mr. James Tong President and CEO of Mazda Lhasa, said: "New opportunities in the form of purchases. Shoppertainment create an amazing platform Lhasa, Prada is huge. It was found that customers have access to more applications. Which will not only have a pleasant shopping experience, but also have fun with it. This year is another important step. Due to the technological infrastructure integration in Buganda Lhasa Alibaba is already full. You can add value. brand more sellers and buyers can use for inkjet games and is now promoting the application is available. This is just the beginning of something new to offer. E-business, to help bring the business to succeed. And to strengthen the ecosystem of e-commerce in Southeast Asia. "

party Mr. Jing Yin Chairman of Lhasa, Prada Group, said: "For seven years, great for Posada Plaza in Southeast Asia. And we just wanted to thank you for allowing us to meet the needs of a new generation in the region. demanding customer manufacturers and brands who want to advance. The goal was development of e-commerce infrastructure to 3E: There is a strong power. Breakthrough and experience in order to stimulate the growth of brands and manufacturers. With "super-making" discoveries, we are confident that we will achieve this goal, and we are pleased to celebrate the success of constantly "in the future.

Since the launch of the latest games LazGame March 21 last year. He found that shoppers. Applications Lhasa Florida to 6 times a day to play games like Fruit Slash, Birthday Blast Popping Balloons and accumulate points to be abandoned. Within seven days, the company offers players more than 2.5 million people, with 9 out of 10 customers accumulated cupcakes. In order to be exchanged for discounts on the application.

section Ms. Rie Organic Pantsri. Brand owners Salisa said, "only 27 days, the same-store sales rose by as much as 288 bomb customers to buy once the campaign begins after midnight. This event is celebrated Help to make visits and purchases from the restaurant added greatly exceeded expectations. "

For some of the highlights to celebrate the 7th anniversary in barns.

  • The first item was purchased. Packing and shipping the door at 8:09 pm. March 27-Ratchadapisek Road in Bangkok.
  • 5 best brands with the highest sales in LazMall with & # 39 is Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Mamypoko and advanced.
  • Category people are more interested in shopping extravaganza beauty and health. mobile appliance devices and mother and child
  • Xiaomi redmi Note 7, which launched an exclusive look at one of Lhasa Florida. spike sale with & # 39 is one of a group of mobile Kurdistan South Florida.
  • During the first week of celebration. More than 100 brands and sales revenue of more than 250 live stream on the app and get a peak audience of more than 570,000 views.
  • Cross-border groups, including the best-selling electronic goods, fashion accessories and home appliances.

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