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[Match Report] Swan, bad luck! Liverpool opened Chop slaughter asthma 2-1 victory herd night.


match English Prem & # 39; er League 32

Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham Hot Spurs.

Stadium: Anfield

Ball made his own goal. sensitive side rails Toby Alder in the 90th minute to give Liverpool a 2-1 victory to win the three points to keep add significant progress Tear Prem & # 39; er League Manchester City continues. Away Manchester City two points in writing to the evening, but it takes more than one step.

Open the game in the first period considered. Spurs can be very good in the game against defenders, as well as Liverpool. The ball game is also more polished enough to pass half the field made me lose.

Red to break the door to quickly open the accuracy of Robert Johnson on the left flank to the head of the amino acid filter passes in the middle of a strike not jump in front of the ball does not fall through. Maurice goal to weaken.

Liverpool furiously at the sound of applause came when hit Sanchez was cleared in the path of Arnold shot from the back of the frame 25-yard shot into the ground before the ball hit the left post.

Spurs win a long ball comes to penalty 23 minutes into the game, Ali Sohn with gear crash, Milner also found good defenders back to capture directly in front of Harry. kent City

Team visitors have a chance to fight me when Robert had to pay a cross field Caine Pay del Sole Allie washed over the crossbar. In the 33rd minute,

Liverpool narrowly lost the second goal for the next 2 minutes later, Salah went to pay for the trip home from the penalty. But did not bend enough to fall victory.

Spurs have the ball more in the end. But it is not enough to finish the first half of the decisive, Liverpool led 1-0.

The second half both teams unchanged squad Tottenham greeted by a long shot by Christian Eriksen, but the ball is carried harmlessly over the bar without a victory.

69 min. Salah then had another chance when a cross from Arnold before firing a left-right out of the box, as soon as he scoops the ball over the bar as it is impossible to win.

70 min Spurs Impromptu equalized from the penalty as soon as excursions ball Spears took the ball down the flow Eric Jensen click the ball ran to the front door as Murano ran into the fire. Fixed a slow pace Ken played a free kick into the near future, as the ball is stationary, but also non-rotating elements, no matter what.

After 85 minutes Spurs almost knock the ball back from Liverpool Sissoko climb with a mischievous Heung – Min choice Sissoko, but shot over the bar to the left of me.

Liverpool goal, but it is open to Spurs counterattack rather de les Allie back curve grab the triangle to another, but the Reds came back a goal in the 90th minute with the ball on the left bank of Trento mix in most cases at the far post. Salah went back to Hugo Lloris to drive sensitivity Toby Albert de Sorel. Mobile Send an own goal in Liverpool Shear incredible 2-1 victory to overtake the herd has been reached.

Players from both teams.

Liverpool: Ali Zong Becker – Trent A. G. Arnold, â € to Matip, Fernando Gil Van Dyke, Andy Roberts Ridge – Jordan Henderson. Anderson, James Milner, Georgina policy wireless hub terminal – Mohammed Ahmed Salah, Roberto Herrera has Safir, San Bernardino Minas.

Submarines: Sim Min Nino Chalet, Sher Dan, tea, blueberries, stuffed Great Italian, Far from Rodriguez Chippewa Christian music, Dejan Lough Allen James Milner, Adam Mills. Maulana

spurs: Hugo Lloris – by Toby al-der Wild Forest Wild, Da Sonia Sanchez, craft fair stock of Argan, Kieran trip Spears, Sissoko, Christian A .. Rick Jensen, Danny Rose – del Sole Allie – Harry Kane, Lucas Moura.

Submarines: Minh Huong Son, Jesus Zuniga gases, Davy, the noise, the Kipp, said Oyama, with Llorente.

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