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Nantida falsely teaches "her song" I do not fully trust the daughter of PEG & # 39; very good English.


Nantida falsely teaches "her song" I do not fully trust the daughter of PEG & # 39; very good English.

After the press conference at the back of the stage. "Cloud Bench 2019 musical." Theater in Thailand Ratchadalai theater esplanade Molly, 4th Floor Reynolds. Yesterday (April 29), the sound quality of the singer. False Nantida Kayubeasay haveTalking about the flight of his daughter. Music – Chnms Atsawa Ti Da Mei Tat and nobility – Seranee Charnverakul boyfriend in England. Grandmother took close daughter the good news yet?

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I think that the songs of the musical?
"Yes, he likes to play. He then said that I play music, I play music because I have to fly back to play cards, and we have a lot of it. Because we trust each team. And I believe that we have achieved this year, we had 60 years, from the Challenge. Life experience, I am not afraid, it's still more. But if we try to do better next time. "

This step is a & # 39 is hard work, too?
"I must say that it works pretty well. See how the game was crying all the time. mother's love love love the children of her husband It is in the everyday life of people in the world, at some point as the musical throne the clouds came back in 2019. There are some adjustments First, we do not know who plays what. Only I know that Pat – Suthasinee play, we asked the team to have more opportunities than we are. He replied that it was not him, and we choose only one directly. That is the feeling that we are very proud. In response to this. But I worry that it will be done. It should be interpreted broadly expands the TV series as television cameras also zoom in and out. Remember the episode until Tech, and then shoot. But the theater live blog the whole chapter will have to repeat it. Add the stuffing is not of & # 39 is optional, it is not everything in mindfulness and concentration. We believe that this is the most complex scientific problems and be ready within 2 months left to focus on this. "

I used the time to begin to face the daughters?
"I need to be encouraged to return. Because the music is to be completed at the end of this year, about 2 weeks with her grandmother. During the song, I'm very busy. You must tighten the report "

Happy grandmother how to meet them?
"I have to restore my grandmother May 28 .. This grandmother about 92 years old when my grandmother told me no. I'll wait to get to the end of this year. However, he said that now, before we get to 2 people Songkran. there with Mom told me to go alone. I asked my nephew, my mother told me that I was going to tell them if the weather & # 39; e is good, this is a great bag. It is another day the temperature of 7 ° to -1 mother disassembled fur. has not changed and I have to say that the songs speak little grandmother. It cools me know how to find them, not hot. "

It found that children with the law?
"Thus, most of the game (laughs) It is said that the intention is to move people age 92 and older who do not have a plan. I think that now it is up to me. I took my grandmother to me. As told to come and go and meet someone special children's children. I think this is another child. time-share he prepared a report in front of him, maybe 3-4 hours of sleep, but wake up and make a report at 2 am to 6 am, then sleep, he began at 7 am to 10 am, and then reported in the back. Then in the afternoon I go to school. "

You go through it, to care for each other?
"So it'sTo tell me that I was released. It was the first really worried I must also say that the bus ride to the British underground. In addition, the old and then he learned that the University will be 3 hours, 3 hours flashes, it is very secluded. I was told that I was sitting Hubertus. But I must say that I did not press my mother. I choose my own music. We must also realize that this can not just say the words that tell parents peace of mind. He said that the song came from the same day, the mother said Peck. Peck has not so far been sent to the same. If I was in college, I did not come out of this is that my parents listened to broadcast music."

I have called you to do?
"I must say that it is thanks. Thank you parents for tat here. I believe that by raising it. Dribbling is not to say that the best man or woman, it is the same as reality. But his party, the parents are very close. It was suggested that it was a role he was willing to do. Because he was brought up by parents who must now sit and wait like this. Brothers themselves or brother younger brother is waiting for me, music from the & # 39 is the only child. But his grandmother was waiting, we were expecting a child, when we were waiting for our cousin for us. This is the same "

Smooth surface that will make her marriage work first?
"So big again (smiles) I do it better than me. As I said before, there is hope. We just need to learn to be the best. I would like to do something, does not vest. Making it the most, but when that day will be. This is so whether or not Nobody knows What does this tell us about the past. It is said that when the current is better still love us. Now tell me that I'm not alone, I do not make any, and on the same day or not do. But you do not have to regret that we can not fully love it. I do not know what will happen. "

To date, entrusted to take care of her daughter, then?
"We talked with her sister Peg. We never met her hairpin, and then some. Because they & # 39 are members used to be. she met this time I have to talk to each other anymore. We felt it was very close to the most grandmother or your mother. Or & # 39 is a child who does not bother people. What is life really It was extremely suras & # 39; oznae observation grandmother already. We asked if we should just trust me. "

Now his music is not thinking about marriage right?
"Wow, he must also learn how to work a lot to come here. On the question of what he said about it without me. "

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