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. NBT Q2 indicates Tourism Confidence Index showed T & # 39; yuryng Increase – nation.


"HCT". Autopsy economic factors – inflation – dust. confidence index is expected unchanged tourist quarter 1/2562 second quarter slightly positive from Low Cost Airlines – public, private partnership for development of tourism pressure on 2.92 million foreigners People believe plus 5.93% by the end of the year to 40.64 million Man. …

Mr. X & # 39; skid Trairat brilliantly together. Chairman of the Federation of Tourism (NBT). With Dr. Watchara Mr. rati pure joy of the Faculty of Economics. Chulalongkorn University study showed the confidence of tour operators in the second quarter 2562 that is 1-2 years by the global economic downturn and the impact on the Thai economy. Including inflation and dust remains suras & # 39; oznaya in some areas. Make confidence summer 1/2562 in block 98, or close to normal levels. Given the situation tourism & # 39 is sufficiently stable.

However, in quarter 2/2562 enterprise evaluation. The situation improved slightly compared to the previous quarter. In connection with the expansion of low cost airlines. And promotion associated with travel agencies, both public and private. It makes predictions that operators sentiment tour will be at a normal level of 100. Still, the steady Although businesses are still concerned about the dust problem in low season (low season) and business competition has intensified continuation. Enabling operators remain largely unchanged profit objectives. And to adjust investment plans and will focus on strategic marketing and public relations, social media and much more.

Mr. X & # 39; SW also expects the number of foreign tourists to Thailand this year. Numbers will be 40.64 million, up 6.17%, generating revenues of more than 2,200 million baht, up 9.36% compared to the year 2561, especially in the second quarter are expected to be foreign tourists, 9.28 million, 4.62% compared to the same period. last year as tourists from ASEAN countries increased by 4.3% to 2.66 million tourists from East Asia increased by 3.07% and 4.03 million people, 1.15 million tourists from Europe, up 3.6% from second quarter of 2561.

If you look at the situation that Chinese tourists in the Quarter 1/2562 ago with Chinese tourists reached 3.17 million, up 0.11% compared to the same quarter last year. In quarter 2/2562 of Chinese tourists is expected to be 2.92 million, up 5.93% compared to the same quarter last year. The position of tourism in the 1st quarter of 2562, and two years remained stable at a normal level. The number of foreign tourists increased. Most tourists come to Thailand more than 59% and a & # 39 is a popular tourist destination with a & # 39 is in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya.

In addition, a survey such as tour operators NBT recommended. Accelerate the process of NBT. It will be filed against the new government policy. Extension of measures to the abolition of visas in an immigration checkpoint. . In order to cover the low season, the upcoming drafting of tat, also plans to focus on two main courses with & # 39; is the question of safety standards and the spread of tourism across the country.

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