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New Hope club is ready! The first concert in Thailand


Preparation Groovin Jumps concert leakyThe first type of group. New Hope Club (New Hope Club) Three young British Reece Bibby (Christopher Bishop lobby) Blake Richardson (Blake Richard Anderson.) and George Smith (George Smith) The concert under the name "NEW HOPE LOVE AGAIN CLUB TOUR in Bangkok. " At the same time, to Sunday, June 9, at the Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 18.30. Ticket prices start from 1300 baht to say that it's hard … they prepare a full light show, complete machine. And win the shoulder near Kochi.course

New Hope Club (New Hope Club) Only a few young artistsAccording to the owners of the music. "Fixed "," Medicine "," Perfume "" Start Over Again ». Music and most recently last year.Do not go to the beginning of February.the last song "resolution " They never called Fallin.From fans in Thailand until 2018, when the last. And fans of the total herd.Very warm hat rave more than 600 lives. I want to try to come up with a touch.Excellent friendly to them. And vocal quality you fall in CentralBefore you finally pull it actually is.

This young as 3 prepared a surpriseWhat a beautiful bright show and new single "Love Again " The upcoming release of 3 my supporters sang live in Thailand listened Ophiuchus.The first well to wait a little longer only. Which fans can commentDetails and rules of inference.More recently, many remnants of the page. Universal Music Thailand!

If you miss them … Do not wait to come together in one segment.With an impressive and beautiful memories with them in harmony.first "NEW HOPE LOVE AGAIN CLUB TOUR in Bangkok. " The Sunday, June 9th, 2562 at. Hotel Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 from 18.30 am and on ..

Tickets for the opening concert in the ValleyOn Tuesday, 30 April 2562 time 10:00 Am year. Tickets are available at melon tickets phone 02 026 3068 or #NewHopeClubLoveAgainBKK

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