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"Peak is still" hurt conclusion – tanks shelled extruded Kush, France resumed the "Day" box.


Top Remote pairs Wayne Fairtex restored ghost revenge 11 years later to knock old rival Andy Sava River, a former world champion, unbeaten knockout punch raises 2 important part of boxing championship fights of the day show "Anibal. era "in Ryogoku Key Coke Kan. Kaeng national sumo arena big Tokyo Japan on Sunday night, March 31 to 62.

The longest ever to defeat former world champion driver Andy Dutch kickboxing 11 years ago on this day a couple was pulled accessory supply Championship swirled met. In kickboxing only getting the first lift Best boxing worth millions E ผ diig left tibia in three colors sent Andy down for a count of eight. Despite the positive rise against fleas to survive the first round, to come. But if picking up only two whipping. Top progressed very far away from the clenched fists punching the other. Full page draft Andy driver (who in turn was defeated Jack Contemporaries melee. Rollins) to get into a fight over her arms out to balance the distant pairs Wayne Fairtex won. Andy Keio power simply pick up 2 only.

Thai boxers again, «Ironman» Muangnon tank design. Boxing champion Siamese Om Model 130 pounds Sueng dance on stage. Good health of tens of thousands of fans. Before the fight with a boxer Hakim Mohamed spent his first French tanks left front kickboxing law. Mohamed positive impact Well, I calmly picked up the two players exchanged blows in the middle of the cited Mohamed collapse turned the rally into body heat. Early under & # 39; the amount of three tank strike. The head and body with the same symptoms in a hurry. Before turning to a lousy fighter Quaid. Under the & # 39; Mohamed lift started slightly obvious. But to fight tooth and closely follow before the end of the three rounds. Casting directors are not unanimous dozens of tanks before hand to kill the winner Mohamed Siam Boxers France. In order to form narrow 2-1

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