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Rally strongly pro! Only in the last two days, "Thailand Motor Festival".


Today's update !!! Special Offers Showroom "Motor Thailand Festival 2019" (Thailand Motor Festival in 2019), which took place on 25 April – 1 mine in 2562 in a shopping mall. Central Plaza West Gate, thanks to the cooperation between the main nodes and Nash Limited Company Automotive Square Group, a collection of cars and motorcycles from top leaders, such as the Mini, Gulf Audi, Toyota, Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi, Subaru, Yamaha, Ducati and Royal Enfield, and come with a special company for those who are looking for cars and motorcycles. Do not miss out!

Beginning in Suzuki SWIFT camp for all drivers for free! 90 days or extras to 30,000 baht, with full fuel 5,000 baht insurance for 1 year roadside assistance for 3 years, the model ERTIGA free 90-day period beginning 3,947 baht or extras to 10,000 baht plus. 1 year free insurance and emergency assistance services for 3 years, and also has special promotions for CIAZ, CELERIO, CARRY choice.

While Toyota's full hybrid design for Revolve Smart Cab and Double Cab Z Edition down to almost 24,000 baht and free! Insurance 1 for buyers Hilux Revolve Smart Cab and Double Cab 4×4, to go through the verification approved Toyota Leasing, part YARIS Ativ down 0% APR for the initial 7,200 baht for 84 months. Special Toyota customers get special interest 0.60%

Book of Mitsubishi's all free! First class insurance and warranty for 5 years, with wages for the past 5 years, Backpack Cooler Backpack worth 1599 baht version of Triton, s / m, and cabin / taxi for free! Interest, as well as justice, interest-free installments for 36 knives. Package with 5 years in the company's "super surprise" "Mitsubishi has to pay 400,000 baht when buying a Mitsubishi model. The prizes, worth more than 15 million every month.

New Millennium Auto Company Enjoy Summer Splash With Millennium Auto reservation and refuse to mini-downs or 0% FREE! Interest is ready to win gold at 17 baht.

Subaru Free! Installment interest on 60 classes of insurance in the first XV and receive interest at 1.09% at 48. Free! Insurance first generation Forester I-S.

hour camp down from a peak of 500,000 unique clients, B7 45 TFSI Quattro S line plus a specialized company. * Terms and conditions as established by the company.

Motorcycles Royal Enfield, campers buy all this for free! Mandatory registration and all versions of Bullets / Classic / Himalayan FREE! Gift Certificate in the amount of 7,000 baht version Interceptor 650 twins and Continental GT 650 Twins added emergency service 24 hours 3 years and 650 Twins Free! Gift Set Box

Camp Yamaha and Ducati motorcycle models troops. To book a thousand With special promotions for enthusiasts in particular.

Extra! In Thailand Motor Festival 2019 Win FREE! Honda super tight (Honda Super Cub) worth 47,000 baht gold and various other awards.

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