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Rapid fire pistol «Da Bridge" at point blank range as an expert Lumpini Boxing wig.



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«Da bridge," said an expert on boxing. Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, was gunned down in front of the fire. old enemy shot the master boxer with no one "sword" after the completion of doctoral two boxers in the ring. But he was not finished Footwear fought sidelines Other smaller, but not a gun is not fired at close range.

At 22:15 h. 30 April 62 sq.m .. In .. Tanasak OMON secondary light. (Research) Khen police shooting sparked sur & # 39; serious injury. Inside Boxing Stadium Lumpini Ramindra Road, Bang Hyun, Bangkok Monument to report them to his superiors about it. Before rushed to check with Pol .. V. Ice Princess Indra Khen police chief investigating police officers and Bang Tek Tung Foundation.

The scene on the right hand side of the stadium. Foot python found a bunch of murderous kings and ward fall to the floor. Near the liner 9 mm found. Number two bullet casing and falling head first on the scene. Officials Bar & # 39; er the surrounding area. Wait a probation officer and a corresponding overview. Most people know my name later, Mr. Assad Army at the age of 48 years as a master of boxing nicknames. «Da Bridge" was suras & # 39; ozna wounded. Filmed in the neck and chest 4 shots officials delivered persons. General Hospital Sentral. He died after a short time.

Inquiries from witnesses at the scene said the wounded master boxing nickname. "Long Bridge" Most people know that shot a master boxer, nicknamed "below" was previously DUI in Florida Lumpini Boxing Stadium ago. Because while the boxing match between Sua Donna Kim Prentice West. North. However, on the U of diamonds. Spirit completion of two rounds. By punching each other in the field of boxing. And he did not fight for small fires. The gun fired several shots at the victim at close range. And fell to the floor to escape

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