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Rest of tobacco smoke Won discovery research for many years. Policy control cigarette.



Network users cigarette resisted the basis for smoking. Show specific examples. Express minors. Attack after smoking a cigarette. position only point for anti-smoking. I do not accept international research evidence.

30 April 62 g Maris a representative network General Valley using electric cigarettes. Relax in the absence of tobacco smoke (ECST) and Facebook debut released electric cigarettes do not smoke Fund. US FDA has been published for the study of children and adolescents 35 attacks, because it involves the preparation of nicotine levels from the use of cigarettes, said data or news that the Foundation published. factual errors and can be misleading in the community by providing information, which is not a & # 39 is correct.

"From the news reports of international news agencies such as CNBC and Forbes confirmed the words of Mr. Scott Gottlieb, director of the Food and Drug Administration said that the organization has not yet determined that the use of electric cigarettes. directly related to the risk of developing epilepsy. And even if the patient 35 may not be much compared to the amount of cigarettes. Concerns of the organization in this regard. And calls for public input. on channel safety report To report problems or concerns ", said Mr Maris.

Maris said that the case of & # 39 is a confirmation that clearly shows once again that foundation. He made clear in the fight against smoking, without having to open the mind to accept the evidence or research data from abroad, which are recognized and trusted. But he is trying to convince the public that cigarettes are dangerous. Neglecting to note that electric cigarettes are regulated and legally in the United States as an alternative to smoking & # 39 is less harmful than smoking burns. Fund Agency works to strengthen public health. require positive and focus on the scientific data, including new approaches. To reduce the harm from smoking. Data from the & # 39 are correct. decision of the people

The network is believed to be under the control of smoking law will protect children from the dangers of smoking. And to prevent youth from accessing tobacco products electricity. We were in favor of reviewing the ban on smoking in Thailand. And to give accurate results to continue smoking. In order to be useful in the development of anti-cigarette-related policy.

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