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Thanathorn boiling on fire 16 cases, patience is limited. Threatening to retake the reproaches



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«Thanathorn» boiling enumerating a long 4:00 node keeps the media. EC. I did not break. I have a political motive This is the first year I came to the fire, 16 people have limited tolerance. Threatening to retake reproaches Rock NBC. Crippling through Redbrizh. 157 …

April 30 after Mr. Thanathorn. Jungrungreangkit leader of a new party to clarify the alleged case of transfer of shares in media companies – .. Media-Haq of the Election Commission (EC) for more than 4 hours Mr.Thana Pradesh, according to the report, some of the tension. According to the documents, and has prepared a list of 26, with the feeling that this case is politically motivated. Even simple questions, asking the EU. What's wrong about it. But the Election Commission. It can not be explained. Or any evidence making it unlikely that the share transfer is legitimate since January 8, 2562, which can not answer these questions yet. He believes that this case is politically motivated.

With the result was very upset, because one year from the date of the future of the party. And the leadership of the party has already been 16 cases and two weeks ago. NBC. Using the services. 44 allows investors to take advantage of tens of millions of telecommunications. And command over … Local. To draw power from the local to global. Rather than take the time to protect the public interest. In order to study these companies to let people know the pros and cons. Instead, take the time to solve the case. And instead I took the time to prepare for the role of MP & # 39;. S. Quality Commission. This is what makes it boring. it's the law there is no violation of the political facts

"If it's on, it must be said. I know that. A. More than 30 other people with the same action. If you do this, it will take a few bubbles and some reproaches Mr. Srisuwan Janya several cases filed false hope. This law Until now, we have not yet charged. And some media office Remove false statements were published. Side and cause damage to the hair. Having said that patience has a limit. To date, we could use some legal counterattack. And no one will have time to run the country. It takes time to make excuses. "

Also, if someone is considering a lawsuit of their own. Causing harm to the right to take legal action in response. But he was patient to wait for the Commission. Crippling because section 157 over the last 15 years, it will not wait until the charges then.

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