The Bangsaphan Canal Parade after the flood Nine gold was sold more than twice.



Gold / Water drop gold flood! Villagers flock to the Bangsaphan canal bank after the forest wave. Bring gold into the mud. Trading is usually higher than usual.

On November 15, the reporter was told by the villagers. There are several villagers. To bring equipment and accessories such as a shovel into a gold canvas on a golden canal in the forest, 6 rai Lam Thong, Bangsaphan,Prachin Buri Previously, water flow from the Tanaosri Mountains. Shoulder flow to blow a lot on the canal.

When it returned to normal, the locals in the area knew that. It's time to make money at sea. Find gold on the canal. Some lucky people have a gold tablet weighing Bang Saphan 1-5 Baht. This is gold decorated with gold. Trust in superstition, prevention of bad things. The price is twice as high as gold on the market.

Ms. Rattana Pornchai, 51, assistant to the village head 6, said that villagers and villagers spent a lot of time lowering a lot of gold on the canal. After every major flood. White houses in the area will know that after the water is reduced to gold. And pure gold from nature flows with the sediment in heavy floods. Make money with people in many fields.

From the moment they have dropped 3 days. The total weight of gold is around 6 or about half a ton. If you sell at least 8,000 baht to generate income. Income from tourism. There are people who are interested in renting it every day. To eat a lot.

For Bang Saphan. Culture is transmitted from generation to generation. Since several generations ago. This is a way of life. And proud of all conservation people. The equipment needed for sailing is. " Made of fiberglass, the shape is like a pan. No, gold like this will not fall with rock debris.

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