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"Twitter Vasa" I would like a critical moment "revise" Marriage plays a major diamond, 7 carats.


Preparation of the plant in the form of almost half a year. In order to surprise his beloved to marry the girl. Maine will – Primrata Det. Singer to increase Twitter – Vasa Sangsingkaew. By News revealed that listening to a sweet moment. In another important day for the media to listen.

on Twitter SACU It showed that it is very difficult to hide a secret, to be a successful way of life. I believe that time is now. Wedding Planner is also not discussed. This was the case, convenient for both sides. If exactly when to say it. Supplied with 7-carat diamond ring is requested. Wedding rings so then, of course, will be the new group.

In order to prepare for a surprise marriage proposal on hold for you?
"The difficulty for me to & # 39 is that I have to keep it a secret. Normal people feel close to us, it will keep what little we would ask people to take a stand to beat. I plan on it for about six months in advance. "

Why Tibet?
"There are many reasons for this. When we started talking to each other. We are talking with the music This is music and music from the & # 39 is one of the ways that you would like to reconsider its title song carpenters top of the world, we just keep this in mind it. If one day we talked to the special place we thought it was. It has many Everett This Polar Tibet, but it is a place that impressed. The land where we want to go from a teenager then. Or & # 39 is a land of peace Land creeds. piety first, as we know, is not easy to know. I think it would be a good place to be right. And the purpose of this proves that many of us have gone through a lot of travel around the world. He also makes the point, there will be difficulties, or, as he never complained to me. I myself have felt it many times, too. "

Remember that time in it. How is that?
"This is really a special session of the point I intended. I studied it for a long time in advance, that there must be a place where we simply do not have the opportunity to see the future. And, as a rule, the more he can not travel to tourists. This high hill, 3 the first to know about a & # 39 is the main channel. I held his hand up, while walking, I told him a little anxious watch. Be the first to know about it. I asked him to shoot them. "

"I went to Local guides shouting behind me that. It is the soldier, he did not give up. I do not ignore the fact that we are very loyal. By the end of the second hard 3, which may be a coincidence that we are grateful. It was a moment he called the blue flag prayer Tibetan Buddhists and believed that he was cruel. He had faith in the Fa and connect with the divine. It is a flag of many colors that can be seen through the high points. We met with them fit It was like a scene here. I think that's it. "

IG: jaja_primrata7-carat diamond ring on Twitter SACU be Americanized.

"First of all, yes, you do not follow up. Because he did not know I ran down my back again. The pair were excited too. Despite the fact that we have a teenager (laughs) The agenda, as well. I talked to him and asked him to kneel. Then he took out the ring. The fact that he was shocked and cried tears flow management climate is very cold, about 4 degrees, I said that I was not the same, because it's cool, all seen in the video clip here. "

Now put some plans for the wedding yet?
"Let's go step by step here. Now we're both busy. Whatever happens, it should be thought out in advance. And you know what is best convenient for both parties to. Then he will go to the family & # 39; and. And on different planes. This will be followed by "

Had the opportunity to talk with your parents will reconsider before?
"I'm talking about this a while ago, but I do not even need to set the course today. At this time this event occurs, only that we have to respect the principle of adults and find out how it should be. "

Providing you do?
"I think that the action or expression, it is more important than words here. It's just that it all depends on only a "reasonable period of time.

What makes me so we win?
"We've been through so much together here. We do not look at it as an adult. We believe that we have enough time to go through this already. This is the time. This will show the sincerity of honoring women. I told him, the expression implies you do not have to say anything. "

In general, favorable marriage has not been set, right?
"As of today, until today, but we have to show it. If this happens things ahead. By the time it was a year? This is one I can not answer that question. "

The ring grew, we deliberately selected it?
"This is my second cycle. The first was from her mother. The fear is that instead of a ring of the country will be arrested or not. It was adopted I believe this is true. "

How many carats?
"(Laughs) may not be important to me, it's about 7 carats carats me that it's not about the price. We want to be just a symbol. "

Today, you will actually be spending more than ever now?
"Today I just need a fresh look. But I assure you that it is more. Letters can be reduced a little (smile). "

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