Saturday , April 17 2021

as it was the closing price of gold? November 26 grams of gold and the price of gold in the final state quarter

The price of gold per gram, after the start of the first trading day of the week was offset by a decrease in the level of 207.6 pounds. Dollar and negative on Friday following cruise grams ounces of gold at the bottom of impairment losses, closing 0.60 percent decrease compared to the previous day had been completed 207.9 pounds. Well, a quarter of a gram of gold rose today? Here, the current price of gold and a quarter gram

The new week began with a reduction in grams of gold, 206 grams of gold per hour, as it was 16:20. Gold prices today, a quarter of the level of 340 pounds sold designed to about 333 pounds. While about half the price of gold sales of 680 pounds, half the gold they find people who want to profit from the price of 667 pounds. Republic of the selling price of gold, 386,000 pounds While the transaction is rolled back from 372 thousand pounds

while a positive trend in Asian markets after the ounce of gold is trading at 1226.7 dollars in the following minutes of 0.30 percent compared to the previous closing price.

According to analysts, Russia may increase the perception of risk in the global market tension felt in the Sea of ​​Azov in Ukraine, this situation will be reflected positively on the price of the precious metal, he said.

Dollar one thousand two hundred twenty-seven under the amendments, that the critical resistance level, while in the case of crossing this level, representing the future agenda than $ 1,235 analysts at 207 grams support dollars, said the $ 210 resistance position to come.

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