Battlefield V is completely free

Amazon, which made Battlefield 1 completely free last week, made Battlefield V free for Prime participants this week. To own the game, just follow the steps in our article.

Last week, as players, we had a big surprise. Amazon has made Battlefield 1, developed by DICE and EA, completely free for Prime participants. A game we can get from the Prime Gaming site By activating it in our Origin account we could have the game forever.

But the surprise was not limited to this. On August 2, Amazon announced that Battlefield V would also be free. The big day is coming and the last game released from the Battlefield series. Battlefield V is completely free for Prime participants. To purchase the game, just follow these steps:

How to get Battlefield V for free?

battlefield v

  • By clicking on this link, Amazon Prime Gaming To the Battlefield V contact and log in to your account.
  • ask nowClick on the field.
  • Request codeClick the box.
  • Copy the incoming code and install it on your computer. in the Origin app (Download here if not installed).
  • in the top menu Origin> Activate product code The press.
  • Paste the copied code into the field that opens

Don’t say you missed Battlefield 1 because you didn’t:

Since Battlefield V is free, those who didn’t get Battlefield 1 on time don’t need to worry. Because no matter when you subscribe to Amazon Prime Gaming You can still add Battlefield 1 to your library. Download Battlefield 1 for free at this link Just click and follow the steps above. It should also be noted that Battlefield V has no final date.

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