Thursday , April 9 2020
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Burning: Dilber Ay died


Breaking News! Artist Dilber Yes, he lost his life due to a heart attack.

According to information received, a heart attack in the evening of the Moon was taken to the Ankara Training and Research Hospital.

Dilber W where intervention Although he lost his 63-year life.

AWARD in the Golden Boll Film Festival

Dilber Ay, Pazardzhik district of Kahramanmaraş in 1956 came into the world. He came out on stage to the sound world of the Moon competition, has released many albums.

"Haji Agha", "Should I?", "Do not go if you do not come," the artist known for works such as "Prisoners of Fate" has reached a wider audience through television programs.

Month, which also has acting ability, the role won «The International» at the 14th Golden Boll Film Festival with the movie "Best Supporting Actress" award was seen values.

Month, "Life is Beautiful You" and «Get My Friends 2," also participated in feature films.

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