Thursday , November 14 2019
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But we can do is to screen the fine gold


Chinese smartphone maker Huawei smartphone in the bottom of the screen, and the brand name should never be, if the author has no borders, but Huawei, he wanted to be.

Smartphone our stylish designs succeed and, therefore, not from the & # 39 is as a result of the survey, one of the main criteria that we consider when choosing them. Huawei to & # 39 is a fast entry into the smart phone industry in recent years, among the companies that put a thick frame at the bottom of the smartphone screen.

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Especially if the reason for mentioning the name of our company Huawei, which was made CEO said. CEO of Huawei Ren Zhengfei: «. The lower part of the solvent we can" say smartphones said that knowing the thickness of the thickness of the bottom of the screen. Word is not only a continuation of its thickness to show the name of the brand was belirrt, that for other functions.

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If the lower part of the thin frames Huawei road users mistakenly thought that the press will be elsewhere, with users able to use the methods that apply to claiming a much more convenient way to smartphones. However, users of other smartphone manufacturers devices almost frameless, while suffering greatly from the use of thick frames in Huawei smartphones.