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Cancer Institute will be established with Cuba


Cuban doctors Lorenzo money we pay for a bottle of water we paid for the same money drug

Cuban doctors in Istanbul and a half months for the treatment of cancer patients become acceptance. The pricing policy will be how many patients were admitted to the hospital for examination … Cuban doctors connected to the Oncology Institute of the briefing made 3.

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WALL – The Cuban Institute of Oncology affiliated Cuban doctors Istanbul Okan University Hospital Oncology participates in the Council began as does the medical evaluation process. Vice president of the Cuban Institute of Oncology Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Angulo was Anasagas and Cuban doctors in the hospital had to report on the work that faces the press today.

Istanbul Hilton meeting with the Cuban oncologist at the Gala Naussica in Romer Moratoll Gustavo Enrique Pichs Marti and Lorenzo Angulo Anasagas was a member of the visiting Council Okan University Alper Bronze Demiraslan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Bekir Okan, deputy Mithat Kyyak, Chairman of Can Okan Ozkan, CEO of the hospital and main hospital named Typhoon Erdal İbanoğlu innkeeper also be present at the meeting.

"Patients CAME FIRST vaccine to Romania»

Okan University, spoke first at the meeting of the Board of Trustees Chairman Bekir Okan. Okan, they began the task of Cuban doctors in the middle of March, as soon as Cuba, Turkey announced that they have created Cancer Institute.
Member of the Board of Directors Alper Bronze Demiraslan, Lorenzo Cuban doctors for the treatment of cancer vaccine say it is one of the best doctors in the world in the first patient who came from Romania, he said. Okan, so far, two thousand cancer patients admitted to him, said that in two hundred patients were examined.

"I NEED A great time"

Cuban medical oncologist Professor Lorenzo Angulo was Anasagas, he said that they have a very significant biotech industry in Cuba. I Anasagas, saying that many clinical studies have proceeded as follows: "All clinical research studies require a lot of time and requires a lot of effort. All of these people have found useful and offer new products as a result of use. It is a work point for us. Saying how it affects several types of cancer try again. we need to use in patients undergoing a variety of treatments. This is necessary for a competent workforce and technology. In turn, these studies find something new. "

Okan University Hospital Chief Typhoon landlord, Dr. Lorenzo brought his work in Cuba, said that they care to take part in this study, "will take place in the first row, and we have made collaboration with Cuba," he said.

"And the water bottle with drug money charge we paid the same money"

But the pricing policy in Turkey will be? Dr. Lorenzo gave the following answer: "I talk with the doctor about the prices. But it is an expensive product development process. The most important part of people working in this industry. There are two countries in the world in the field of biotechnology. One of Cuba. Currently there biotechnology working group between Cuba and the United States. karşılatırıla prices in other countries, in Cuba because the Cuban government does not support these products. the same money we pay for drugs with the money that we paid for a bottle of water. New products are also coming commercial development strategies, but it's not my area. how to use new products in Turkey, we will see together. "

There is the cost of cancer drugs to meet the SSI? Hospital Board Member Alper Demirarsl Tunca, Turkish Pharmacists Association said that they had invested with this issue on the table. Demirarsl that, "If you want to ensure that the drug the patient should be brought to this country in Turkey. If these drugs başlanmıl many times it is written to the Ministry of Health of the list. If these drugs are still in use at a certain level will have a place in the list of drugs paid by the Social Insurance Agency. We hope so " he said.

"I WILL NOT HOPE injection & # 39;

Cancer treatment has repeatedly door of hope for many patients in Turkey. But patients are often faced with the prospect of ignition. Board of Trustees Chairman Bekir Okan, said the prospect of finally saying that it will not be whipping: "Our cooperation is progressing staircase up to six bits. File with the patients who come to us to ask in advance. Then comes the decision. Time in the car and disappear into six stairs. I hope that there will be no injection ".

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