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CHP Izmir won! – Latest News


Turkey, today, voted in favor of popular election of local authorities. The voting process has begun in Ankara at 8:00 in the morning, ended at 17.00. 3250000 12 000 158 voters had cast their votes in the ballot box.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor candidate AKP Nihet Zeybeksi race candidate CHP İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Tunç Soyer, is expected to take place between them.

He entered the elections as the Alliance of Nations candidate in Izmir and the winner of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor CHP Tunç Soyer, in a meeting in his office, and then the results of the election to the party members are also often uses "Ciao Bella dance jumping in the song accompaniment. Some members party was also accompanied by songs and dances in Sawyer. Sun Soyer Soyer mother hugged and danced in an embrace with him entrance. Tunç Soyer accompanied their father two daughters. The victory dance SOYER viewed with a mobile phone side.

Initial results of Izmir

After the polls closed was passed in the vote count. It Opened Izmir 92.2 percent as of 17:45 hours on the chest. The poll of 10 thousand 161, while the number of CIST 9365.

According to the results of the pop-up fund;

Mustafa Tunç Soyer 58.06%

Nihet Zeybeksi 38.49%

22 VOTING VOICE different results Zeybekci & # 39; nin CHP

Izmir Mayor candidate AKP Nihat Zeybekci & # 39; nin voice Cumhur Alliance in 2327 polls from marginal number 21 votes CHP metropolitan compass came prepared for the candidates.

Izmir Mayor candidate AKP Cumhur Alliance Nihet Zeybeksi game with his wife in the Bornova district of Aysen Zeybekçi Police Martyrs High School in 2327 numbered Mehmet Celik used box. In public opinion polls, which are used Zeybekci & # 39 Compass; nin games metropolitan candidates prepared for the votes of the AKP 124, 145 votes, the CHP output.

"Candidate Nation Alliance on chest CHP İzmir Metropolitan Mayor tunç SOYER while the CHP 197, while 101 votes went to the AKP.

The first explanation Soyer

The National Alliance for CHP İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer the candidate, according to unofficial results of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on the building of the provincial party leader, won the CHP İzmir Provincial President Marine Yücel & # 39; l had to explain.

Party «Must Love Izmir love Tunç Soyer» slogan compensated Sawyer, "Izmir will of many colors, a lot of use as a sound and very breathing. Izmir Union and is used with a tie. It was the city where the CHP has received the greatest number of votes among all metropolitan in Turkey. . we are proud of Izmir all kinds of injustice, inequity "no", he told us he was trying to bury, but there was one thing they forget ,. we were born, we had to go to go, and it was his embrace with my heart all the people of Izmir from now Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of all the sons of one municipality will be the main … take the same sympathy. one can not distinguish any one, neither did the stepchild treatment. Izmir need to change the language policy in Turkey have shown that it is possible in another language. Love, compassion, respect, showed that the coexistence of languages. Izmir tomorrow & # 39; poverty, we start to deal with unemployment and improving the welfare of Izmir, and he will try to love and the soul begins to divide the flowering fair. We have received the highest number of votes received in the major cities of Turkey. We got it with the National Alliance. This success is very proud to be heard. This success with the & # 39 is the success of the people of Ontario. Everyone has their share. Who are the & # 39; is the chairman will not vote for me. First thing tomorrow, we received the lowest number of votes, being dare to go to our brothers and sisters in the neighborhood, I tell them that I'm the mayor, "he said.

District 26

CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel also said: "17.00 over for use as a vote According to unofficial results of the Izmir Metropolitan Presidential Candidates Tunç Soyer was elected President Tunç Soyer was elected president of the unofficial results at about 60 per cent of Izmir and our city .. . I would like to be useful. local elections in Izmir again, republic, democracy, peace, tolerance, and once again showed that he & # 39 is the capital of hope. İzmirliler not rent their benefits demonstrated benefit of the people, once again showed that the more the position of Izmir. flourished in the municipal district of quinine, cherry and Aliaga outside we won in 26 districts in the country the Alliance, according to unofficial results. we have had the purpose in Izmir. it is our goal was to win the 30 metropolitan areas. it basically we can see that we are approaching. Policy with the & # 39 is the subject of dispute. we pretend to serv our city in our country, It is meat. We are still the best way this statement. "


National Alliance candidate for the CHP İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made party in celebration after winning the presidency of the Republic Square, according to unofficial results. Sawyer said: "From tomorrow opens a new page in Turkey. Turkey tomorrow with a brand new day wakes up in a new spring. Starting with this huge change from Izmir, Turkey will take it back, "he said.

The first explanation ZEYBEKCİ

March 31 local elections, 38.5 per cent turnout Nihyut Zeybeksi according to inconclusive results, found the deputy chairman of the AKP Hamza Gore and provincial chairman PSRA party that followed the election results with their application Aydin Şengül in the provincial house.

Zeybekçi be useful to the election results in the hope, "Our people decided. We do not recognize any authority over the will of our people, as we have always expressed. The decision on which our country was our intention to add a comma at which point the front end ever. Our people, our zmir & # 39; i solution should respect the will of our people, we have heard at least respect from & # 39; is a duty for us. First of all, we would like to thank our İzmir & # 39; i. We campaigned for about 4 months. Very civilized, tolerant, very friendly, quiet, calm election campaign has enabled us to implement our İzmir & # 39; i. That's why I have all of our citizens, our compatriots İzmirli thanks very much for this insight. And if it was an inconvenience, I apologize to them, "he said.
Millions of people exactly what comes into contact with, and nowhere any consequences not Zeybekçi that they face all organizations AKP in Cumhur another wing of the Alliance thanked the MHP said that they work in unison have given a draw.

"Mandatory course need to remove"

The election results will express a lot of interest in the Zeybekçi, the words continued as follows:

"We're going to start the election results tomorrow, given our İzmir & # 39; i vote, we will evaluate the individual drawer chest. Much more detail in the assessment will be able to. The lesson to be learned from them, and, of course, we should learn. According to him, the steps that must be done, must be disposed of in our party. Just behind the course again today and tomorrow, including the provincial president, vice-president, our general, our deputies, elected mayors and council members will come together with our all. İzmir & # 39; i, we gave their comments, we can do within the framework of local government services will reconsider. We will review your list, "What can we do," he will make an assessment. The team, the team met again with them after that we will continue to work and will consider services. Izmir all citizens stand before you once again personally want to put it. Then one İzmirli like this life I will continue to serve us quite İzmir & # 39; i in this body. Izmir and Izmir is a & # 39 is an honor for me to be a servant. Of course, we're a team, as a team, we will continue to give us this service. I İzmir & # 39; imizi re-election of our results, our country, our people, I hope you will be auspicious. After that I hope to start a process that does not stop in front of us for 4 years. I believe that beat the most difficult period in Turkey. After that, when the economy in general, the development of our country for the next period, as well, I think we'll start with a good long-term re-development company. I tell you all that God has given us İzmir & # 39; i favorable. "

On the other hand, according to inconclusive results PSRA, Pergamon, blooming, quinine, the choice of the leading district in Cherry MHP won the election in Aliaga.

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